Swaragini 15th June 2015 Written Episode

Sumi tells Swara that she didn’t expect this from her. Dadi says Sumi is saying right for the first time and wishes Swara happy birthday. She asks her to cut the cake, else it will get rotten. Swara hears her taunts silently.

Sanskar and Sujata are in the car. Sanskar tells that he wants to meet Ragini in the temple. Sujata drops him in the temple. He meets Ragini. She gives him prasad and asks to take from right hand. Sanskar tells yesterday was good, Laksh went away from your sister, now they can’t be one. He thanks Ragini and says your support was needed to me. Ragini says your support was needed to me too. (It seems Ragini is like her Dadi. Double mindled and evil like her Dadi. She is doing the same thing which her Dadi did with Sumi years back). She says I can’t believe that I can do this.

A flashback is shown, where in she planned conspiracy against Laksh and Swara, and the kidnapping drama along with Sanskar. Sanskar says we have to lose something to gain something. Sujata thinks what is Sanskar talking to Ragini. Ragini feels bad for Durga Prasad. Sanskar says he deserves it. He says he can’t bear to see Laksh and Swara to unite. He says we have to take some steps. Ragini sees Sujata coming and changes the topic. Sanskar again acts as childish. Ragini says she was talking about the mannat. Ragini asks Sujata to visit the temple and asks her to ask for forgiveness for her mistake. ( First Ragini shall apologize to God for her sins).

Annapurna tells Durga Prasad to come and have breakfast. Durga Prasad refuses to eat and says Laksh snatched my everything. It took my life to earn this respect, but it is snatched by Laksh’s doing. Adarsh says we shall bail him out? Durga Prasad refuses and says they don’t have anything to do with Laksh now, and he needs punishment now.

Sanskar asks do you believe in mannat now. Ragini says it was difficult for her to do this, and she never thought to hurt them. She says I need to apologize to my mistake. She ties the holy thread on the tree. Sanskar ties the thread on the tree and reminisces his lady love. He thinks he will tell his truth to everyone, and will take his family from here. He has nothing to do with Maheshwari’s. Durga Prasad’s respect is ruined now. He says Laksh and Swara are separated now and nobody can unite them now.

Ragini tries the thread on the tree and says she has no option left. She couldn’t forget Laksh, even after trying. She says she loves Laksh, even though he doesn’t love her. She says I wants to give second chance to my love. I have accepted Laksh as my husband from my heart. She says there is nothing wrong to fight for love and right. Sanskar says there is nothing wrong. He says you were useful to me. It is good that you knew my truth. A flashback is shown, when Sanskar came to meet Ragini in the hospital. He asks about her dupatta. Ragini says she will wear it once she goes home after getting fine. Nurse comes to change the glucose drip, but gets busy on phone. Sanskar asks the nurse to change the drip. He sees the glucose bottle ending and stops it. He scolds the nurse for playing with someone’s life. FB ends.

Ragini asks Sanskar why did he come to meet him. Sanskar says he understand real care and says you really took care of me. Ragini says nobody asked me anything about my wishes, but you understands me well being a stranger to me. She asks if this pain will change her heart. Sanskar says you did nothing wrong. He asks how you will bring Laksh closer to you? Ragini says she will bring him out of jail and will support him. She says Swara never loved him and that’s why she can get Laksh. She says she wants to become Laksh’s friend.

Dadi tells Shekhar that Swara brought Laksh home. Shekhar tells that he gave her permission, and asks Laksh to prove his innocence. Swara tells Dadi that if Laksh doesn’t prove innocent then she will leave the baadi along with him. Ragini is shocked to hear that, and asks Swara if she loves Laksh. Swara is speechless and doesn’t answer her. Ragini is shocked.

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