Qubool Hai 15th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: In the jungles
Ahil is overexcited to have himself being praised. after that, the person whose back ahil had cured accidentally, declares that he shall get his daughter, a fatso, married to ahil only. Ahil is distraught while sanam is frustrated. he is too shocked to react. He and sanam are forcefully taken inside to dress up. when they finally come out, ahil talks to the people that he is already m,arried, but it turns in their favour, that he is experienced. he eyes the fatso gloating at him, and is frustrated. he is about to turn his eyes away, when he finds sanam too walking in that attire. he is frustrated to find her thoroughly amused. he asks her to go on and mock him. she asks what can she do. She is highly happy, and says that there should be a celebration and goes onto present some music. Ahil and sanam get into the tribal attire, and dance along with them, while much to his frustration, the girl keeps driving sanam aside and wants to dance with him. Amidts the dance, ahil kidnaps the girl, and then uses her to blackmail them into running away. they rush after sanam, and ahil who runaway with the girl.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride comes with a glass of juic, laced with sedative, and tries to flirt with him, saying that she is habituated to being ignored, and that he should also get in the habit, as sanam also must have been so engrossed talking to him, that she would have forgotten about shaad. he gets upset and asks what nonsense is she talking. She asks him to think claerly, and then he shall understand how ahil’s magnetism has worked on sanam too. The new bride serves him juice, but he refuses. she then emotionally blackmails him that staying hungry shall not make his prayers succeed. he finally drinks it. She watches him evilly amused, at her plan working. later, shaad’s head starts spinning, and he is about to go out, saying that jannat needs him and he shall have to go. SShe comes and says tht she too needs him, and that she is very scared since ahil isnt there, and is taking care of his wife, hence she should also receieve the same care from him. he says that he understands and asks her to sit down. they both sit. he asks her not to cry, while she continues her sob story, that she isnt habituated to people caring for her, and he shouldnty spoil that habit. she notices that he has dozed off on the sofa. She wipes her tears and asks gazalla and latif to take him to the room.

Scene 3:
Location: In the jungles
Ahil and sanam are running, when the fatso sprains her ankle and falls on the ground. he asks sanam to run away and save herself, but she says that she wont leave him in the middle of all this. he says that these are dangerous people. She says that they are dangerous for them too. they get into a verbal arguement, wherein she finally stops him by saying, that they are in this together, and even if they have to die they shall do so together. he is overwhelmed to hear this. the fatso keeps wincing in pain. they are shocked to find themselves being surrounded by tribal people. The screen freezes on their scared faces.

Precap: The new bride gets into a seductive photoshoot, displaying intimacy with shaad, who is bare torsoed, and in bed, under the covers, with gazalla and latif’s help, while shaad is inebriated with the drink. Meanwhile, ahil holds sanam and asks if she actually cant see the honesty and truthfulness in his eyes. She closes her eyes. he leans in way too close to kiss her, and then says that he loves her. she wakes up with a startle and is disgusted and slaps him tight across his face.

Pictures comming later.

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