Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 15th June 2015 Written Episode

RV tells Ritika that the relation of trust will always be there between them. He asks her to take rest when he gets a phone. He listens for a while and asks did Ishaani’s brother paid to kill Ishaani and Falguni. He leaves saying he won’t leave Dewarsh, Ritika clutches her hands.
Baa slaps Dewarsh hard, Dewarsh asks if she suspects him, she also thinks he will kill Ishaani. Baa says the killer took his name, why he did so. Chaitali asks Baa not to make a drama of it, Ritesh stops Chaitali. He asks Dewarsh to answer Baa, why he did so. Dewarsh says to Baa this is Dewarsh, her grandson and it is Ishaani whom she has always thought about as a step, today she suspects her grandson. He isn’t a murderer, RV calls he is a murderer and gets Dewarsh from collar. He can fool the world not Ranveer. Chaitali asks him to leave her son, but RV slaps Dewarsh. He says mota bapu brought about your family but you tried to kill his Ishaani. Ishaani comes there and calls at RV to leave Dewarsh.
Ishaani comes to Ranveer and asks him not to touch her brother. SHekhar also comes there, ishaani stands between Dewarsh and RV. RV says that this isn’t her brother but a murderer. She says she knows about it, it is a matter of her family and she doesn’t want an outsider interfere in it. She will punish him herself, he doesn’t have to. RV says he even killed Falguni maa. Ishaani says if he respects her mother and father a little bit, he must leave. RV feels disgusted at Ishaani and leaves after a confrontation with Shekhar. RV says to Shekhar that Ishaani gets emotional at times, she needs a practical man, he must take care of her. He looks behind at Ishaani and leaves.

PRECAP: RV gives Amba the divorce papers which have been signed by him and Ishaani and have to be presented to court. He will do it now, and end all the problems between his marriage with Ritika.

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