Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suhani arguing with Soumya and Krishna. Dadi acts great and says let them come. Yuvraaj says we don’t need to bend to these blackmailers. Dadi says I trust you, I m doing this for your Dada ji, we want that formula. Yuvraaj says I will make the formula, trust me, I remember it, trust me. Dadi asks him to swear on her and cries doing drama. She asks him to support her. He says fine, I can bear their faces, but not tears in your eyes. He wipes her tears and hugs her. Suhani scolds Soumya to come as burden, not guests, they will be cursed here.

Rags says totally wrong Suhani, Dadi has taught us that guests are like Lord and stops Pratima from talking in between. Rags asks Menka to welcome them. Menka applies black color to Krishna’s face and shocks everyone. Soumya gets angry. Menka and Rags taunt them. Yuvraaj asks why are their rooms locked. Soumya scolds them and asks them to share one room to increase love in family, the room will not have AC, like Krishna had the room in jail. Menka says no Somu, you are my friend.

Dadi says she has locked all the rooms, I was helpless as it was Soumya’s condition. She says she has to obey Soumya till they get formula. Soumya asks Menka to clean Krishna’s face. Menka says her hand is black, and asks Rags to do. Rags says I don’t have tissue. Soumya says your dupatta will also work and smiles. Rags cleans his face. Soumya asks her not to forget this day.

Krishna tells them that he is the owner of this house for 15 days and they all will have to obey him. Soumya asks Suhani is she feeling bad, she is doing this for her husband, she is taking revenge for the wrong Suhani did. Suhani asks her to prove that Krishna did not do theft.

Suhani argues with Soumya and says she will complaint against Krishna and make him go back to jail. She tells Soumya that she agrees to the punishment Soumya gives, but Pratima and Dadi will sleep in their room, no one will trouble them, else I know police station name and number. Krishna says fine, I agree. Yuvraaj thanks Suhani for supporting Pratima always. Pratima says Suhani has to take care of everyone for 15 days, don’t lose courage.

Lalita asks Rakhi to pack her bags. Radhe asks why can’t we stay there. Lalita says we will go there. Murali says Krishna is doing wrong. Lalita says what they did by beating Krishna in jail. Krishna calls Murali and says he reached Birla house and now he will tell them what is it to stay in jail. Murali says your way is not right. Lalita says don’t care about your dad’s words, you are doing right. Krishna asks her does she remember what she has to go. She says don’t worry, I m ready. Krishna ends the call. Soumya says come Krishna, lets start our work.

Pratima comes to them and says she has never thought Soumya will do this, she thought she is not bad at heart, but…. Krishna says the matter is… Soumya stops him and says aunty you said right, what about your bahu Suhani, what she did with us, think if Yuvraaj was in jail instead Yuvraaj, would you say the same, I wish you explained this to Suhani. Soumya asks Rags and Menka to go to their room, they will do what she says. Ramesh tells Suhani how can the family sleep in one room. Yuvraaj says what happened to Dadi suddenly.

Dadi plays chess and smiles. She says she has controlled Yuvraaj with her tears, she has to manage things ahead. Suhani says we have to solve this riddle, we will see the footage again. He says its in my phone, what will we get if we see it again. She says she wants the formula. Soumya and Krishna come and ask everyone to adjust in the room. Dadi says Rags and Menka are already with me, I have to make Anuj against Suhani.

Krishna asks them to be here in room, as he has stayed in jail. Soumya gives them jail type food and says Krishna also ate this in jail.

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