Sasuraal Simar Ka 16th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajeshwari says now you are still in the game. if you fail your husband will kill you, if he doesn’t i will tell rajveer everything. I owe rajveer something, he has done something for me. she opens the window and gets scared to see the moon. She shuts is abruptly. she shouts why are you both still her.e Go from here. Roli wonders what happened to her. sid takes roli with her.

Rajeshwari calls rajveer its moon night, bring that maani tomorrow. Maya overhears it and says i should tell didi. simar says to roli we wont let rajveer come there don’t worry, maya comes in and tells simar that rajveer is going to jaipur. simar says he will get to know roli is there as well. mata ji says how will we stop him? simar says he will leave for jaipur but wont reach there. simar calls someone.

Rajveer says to mausi ji i will meet her then i will let you know when will i come back, take care of yourself. mausi ji says you should take care of yourself i will be worried for you. simar mata ji and maya do the pooja. Maya says i hope i do it. mata ji says i will do this. simar says what are you saying? its not easy. mata ji says my life is for my family, i will do this for them. i can’t see my family like this. i have always pardoned choti but not anymore. i will show her real face to herself. She will have to answer it all.

mata ji comes in mausi ji’ room with a knife. mausi ji get scared and what are you doing? You can’t do things like these. Mata says there is this difference between you and me. Simar and maya come in as well.
Roli and rest of candidates are table. they write names and pick one, so that one will have the first chance to look for that thing. Vikaas gets the chance, sid and roli are disappointed.
roli gets a text from simar, “rajveer has left for jaipur, we will stop him but be ready to face him. tell sid too.” roli says in heart i will get that thing before rajveer comes here and he will get to know that i called him not rajeshwari.

simar says we should start our real game now. Maya says nothing much this game will consume your life, and we will have the honor. mausi ji says what are you saying? you can’t kill me until rajveer has maani. simar says see you have forgotten that your son isn’t here and neither the maani. Its so easy for maya to kill you right now. Mausi ji gets scared. Mausi ji says rajveer can make me alive with the maani. mausi ji says before that i will get my maani from him.
mata ji comes forward with the knife. mausi j says please dont do this i am your sister. simarv says go ahead mata ji, we should tell her what our game is.

No precap

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