Balika Vadhu 16th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pushkar putting his hand in his plate and gets his hand burnt. Kamli asks what did you do? Pushkar says mum always says the same and blows on his hand. Kamli looks at his innocence, and cries. Pushkar says I know that you are missing your parents, don’t worry I will take you there. Kamli refuses.

Mannu tells Pooja that he know that his father is not alive now. Anandi tells Jagya that Mannu is a kid and his insecurities are showing. Jagya says my Mannu said me that I am not his Bapusaa. Pooja says for Jagya, you are his son and he really loves you like before. Mannu says truth is that I don’t care about them. Jagya says Mannu is going far from ourself, as if he is not ours. Pooja tells that she will leave now. Mannu holds her hand and stops her. He apologizes to her and asks not to leave him. Pooja promises not to leave him.

The neighbors give gift to Kamli, during Muh Dikhayi ritual and praise her beauty. One of them badmouths about Pushkar. Pushkar’s mum kicks her out of the house and asks Kamli not to feel bad. She behaves good with Kamli. She takes her for kitchen ritual. Pushkar looks happily.

Kundan tells that Akhiraj is sending him to school, and thinks he has many things to do. Nimboli sees him writing in the book and recalls Anandi’s words about advantage of studies. She asks Kundan about it, and asks to make her learn. Suddenly ink bottle falls on the ground. Kundan gets angry and tries to slap her, but then recalls his friend’s words. He apologizes to her and says I won’t beat you. Nimboli thinks what has happened to him suddenly. Akhiraj tells Harki that bride’s family is coming to see Kundan and tells that he is fulfilling promise made to him. Harki gets happy and thinks what will happen if the bride family know about Nimboli.

Precap: Someone informs Bride’s family about Nimboli being Kundan’s wife.

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