Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, nisha and jwala are discussing what to wear for dinner,dolly comes with a dress and says here a special dress for ur special dinner date, jwala says nishu bro u will look very good in it,nisha thanks dolly and goes to change.kabir comes home and tells vasu that he has spoken to some brookers, vasu says good and nisha is gone to her moms house, kabir says ok I will go get her,vasu says I will come with u I have to get some medicines.nisha leaves for restaurant.viraj says I am so happy and today will be the best dinner and leaves for restaurant.
Nisha reaches restaurant, nisha gets some flowers for kabir and says I hope kabir likes them. Nisha is waiting for kabir to arrive, and says kabir today I will tell kabir that I love him. Nisha asks for a pen and starts writing on paper napkin.viraj reaches restaurant and goes near nisha,and writes his name in front of nishas on the paper napkin, nisha gets angry and says what are u doing here,viraj says u called me ,nisha says I didn’t, viraj says u messaged me.vasu takes kabir near the restaurant and says oh I guess there isn’t the shop here anymore,kabir says must be changed now,vasu says yes may be anyways plz get me water ,kabir says ok and goes in.
Nisha gets upset on viraj and says plz leave viraj sir, kabir is gonna come here,viraj says kabir is gonna go and not come,nisha sits down and says kabir is going no where u plz leave me alone,viraj sits in front of nisha and says u are looking very beautiful, nisha says plz stop all this go away,viraj says I am sorry if u didn’t like it but see u still love me and it is me who ur heart wants.
Kabir goes inside the restaurant and asks for water,nisha throws the paper and says plz leave now,kabir picks that paper and sees nisha and virajs name and sees nisha and viraj together,nisha says plz viraj sir leave kabir will be coming here, viraj starts coughing and nisha helps him get ok,kabir sees all this,vasu goes near kabir and says that enough of it jojo u don’t have to watch all this just come with me,kabir goes with vasu.
Nisha says viraj that she didn’t msg him and he shd leave now,viraj says ok I will leave but remember for kabir u asked me to leave but one day he will leave and I will stay with u whole life.kabir is driving and is crying and upset,vasu says oh jojo don’t cry this is why I didn’t want u to come here to india and I can understand what are u going through and see the coincidence nisha is rameshs daughter and wanted to see that boss face who ruined my sons life and u plz don’t do this to urself u still have the time forget nisha.
Nisha is waiting for kabir,everybody in restaurant leaves and its time to close,nisha gets upset and leaves.vasu says kabir nisha doesn’t deserve u,just forget her like a bad dream, kabir says enough of it mom plz why don’t u understand, u are right that I shdnt have come to jaipur but not abt nisha, this cirty took my family my brother away from me and now I fear nisha will go away ,vasu says kabir,kabir says no mom plz enough.nisha reaches home and sees vasu and says mom where is kabir he didn’t come,vasu says he is home I asked him to go but he didn’t go he is in the room sleeping, nisha goes to room and sees kabir sleeping and walks to him and sees he is wearing shoes and removes his shoes and puts a blanket over him and sits beside him, nisha tries to go but kabir holds her hand, nisha slowly removes his hand and is in tears and smiles looking at kabir and leaves.
Next morning kabir wakes up and sees the blanket and says this is surely nisha who did this,vasu enters, kabir asks where is nisha,vasu says she must be gone to shop,kabir wears shoes and says I am going, vasu stops him and says have juice and then go,kabir says ok mom, vasu says I couldn’t sleep whole night, I was thinking abt yesterday night I shdnt have spoke to u like this but see just talk to the landlord once, u are nishas husband talk abt it its not good that he always follows nisha so plz talk or else do as u wish.kabir says I shd leave mom,vasu says have breakfast kabir, kabir leaves.
Vasu smiles and looks at the glass.

Precap: vasu calls nisha and says kabir has left in anger just see he doesn’t misbehave at shop. Kabir is at virajs place and says now nisha is urs and the day u will hurt her I wont leave u alone.

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