Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2015 Written Episode

Ahem opens door hearing door bell and is shocked to see Sanskar with money bag. He enter with money bag in lieu of helping them release Meera and says he really loves Meera and wants her out of kidnappers den. He say he will pray for Meera at temple and removes shoes near idol. While keeps them busy while a masked woman enters Meera’s room and tries to steal passport when Kokila hears sound and rushes in. She sees her and tries to hold her, but she pushes. Kokila again tries to hold her and calls Ahem and whole family. Woman pushes Kokila and escapes via window, but leaves her bag. Vidya on the other side sees injury on Sanskar’s leg and reminisces she had injured kidnapper. she realizes he is the kidnapper and tries to catch him, but he escapes. Whole family enters Meera’s room and Kokila says she saw a masked woman here who escaped via window. Vidya come sand informs that Sanskar is the kidnapper as she saw same injury which she inflicted on kidnapper in the morning.

Kokila finds fake nail in glove, which she snatched from masked woman. Sanskar reaches a spot in his car and Meera reaches there on bike. Sanskar says her family knows he kidnapped her, but they can’t do anything now as they will be out soon. He asks her passport and Meera says she left it in house itself. He shouts in surprise.

Kokila says someone is helping Sanskar. Hetal says it must be his friend. She says it is a woman and Meera herself is involved. Ahem asks how can she say that. She shows fake nail which she got from glove and says she saw Meera wearing it. Vidya also says Didi indeed wears it. Whole family is shocked.

Meera tells Sanskar she was soffocating in Modi bhavan, so she had to play this kidnapping drama. Sanskar depicts how he kidnapped her with his friends.

Hetal says she cannot believe Meera can do this. Ahem says he did not realize his daughter went so far from him and don’t know why she did it. Gopi says she hates her even now and challenged that she will break her family and never let it reunite. Ahem says that means her apology was a drama. Gopi says this is truth and they cannot deny it.

Meera depicts how she forced Sanskar to demand 50 lakhs ransom money and tells she is doing to break Gopi’s family and will never let it reunite. Sanskar says her family is full of fools and they did not realize that she was in the party and reminisces how their friend SMSed and informed him that Vidya is coming there with family. Ahem on the other side asks how did they get a call when Sanskar was present with them in the party. Vidya says Meera herself would have called using selfie stick. Meera shows selfie stick to Sanskar and says she used this one to fool her family. Sanskar says they will easily keep fooling her family. Meera smirks thinking of a new plan.

Precap: Kokila takes oath to bring back Meera home.

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