Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th June 2015 Written Episode

As Manik heard Nandini saying him she loves’s him he turns and saw Nandin on her knees. Nandini says that he is the love of his life, Manik encircles his hands around Nandini and held her up. Cabir comes to Navia as she was sitting upset, he comes and apologizes to her about Raghav, he requests Navya to speak to him and to forgive him. Navia tells him that she is mad at Cabir because didn’t tell her about him. She thinks that Cabir does not consider her his friend. Cabir apologizes to Navia and they both hug each other.
Aliya was sitting outside where she gets Druv’s call but she did not attend it,then she receives a message from him that he is in Mumbai and where are you and Manik. Aliya answers him that they are at Nandini’s village. Aliya hurriedly went to her room and takes many chocolates from her bag, as she was coming out of the room Aryaman and Nandini hit each other while passing by, the chocolates fell on the ground. Both exchange looks for a while, Aaliya asks why is he doing it all. Aryaman asks what? Aaliya says whatever he and Harshid had been doing in the afternoon. Aryaman says he isn’t like Harshid. Aaliya says that Harshid is my brother, I know how he is.
Manik and Nandini were in the garden with a round cake with candle over it. Nandini asks what is this, Manik says this is special cake as it’s her eighteenth birthday. She heads to cut it, Manik asks her to blow the candle and make a wish. She says her wish is sitting in front of her and tries to cut the round thing. She says to Manik that it is very hard, Manik says he could just find this in Amm’s kitchen. She cuts it, the juice of a tomato spills over. Nandini is shocked, then picks the tomato slice and says that Manik will have to eat it now. She stuffs it into his mouth, he tries to put another piece in Nandini’s mouth but she presses his finger and rubs it over his face. Manik holds her hands and asks her to clean the face now. She asks how she should do it, he says whatever way. She asks to see her gifts first, he allows. She opens the gift to find a telescope. Manik tells Nandini he went into her room and found a number of books related to astronomy but didn’t know she already had such a big telescope. Nandini says it is a great gift as her dad also promised her to get it the year they died
Manik and Nandini lay down, Nandini says after her parent’s death Amms brought her here, she loved the telescopes and stars but all was left. Then music came to her life and she realized life is going on. Manik says that then Pandit came to her life and ruined her career. Nandini says that no it hasn’t ended. She tells Manik he has always loved her and supported her. Manik kisses her hand.

PRECAP: Nandini asks Manik to open up her hair, Manik unwinds her braid.

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