Swaragini 17th June 2015 Written Episode

Dida tells Sumi that Laksh will prove innocent as Swara is with him. She says Swara loves Laksh and is supporting her love. Sumi says she is supporting as she feels he is innocent. Dida tells that she saw Laksh’s pain in Swara’s eyes. Sumi is shocked and surprised. Dida says I knew it before you. Sumi says Swara and Ragini are her daughters and she can’t let anyone hurt. Dida tells that Laksh don’t love Ragini and says we did a mistake years back. She asks her not to repeat the same mistake and don’t separate the two people in love. Sumi gets thinking.

The Inspector calls on the traced Private number. Sanskar starts acting as mad to divert their attention. He tells he has seen a ghost and starts breaking the things. The Inspector continues to call on the number and tells that it is ringing here. Swara says it seems the phone ring is coming from kitchen. She goes to see. Sanskar and Ragini get tensed. Swara gets the phone in the kitchen and comes to the hall. She gives phone to the Inspector. The Inspector says it is proved that your son is behind the conspiracy. Laksh says it is not my phone.

Swara says I know, and tells the Inspector that Laksh might have thrown this phone if it was his. The Inspector agrees with Swara. He tells that someone might be leaving the proofs to trap Laksh. He asks whose phone it is. Durga Prasad tells that someone had entered the house yesterday. Annapurna asks Sanskar, did you see anyone coming yesterday. Sujata asks why you are asking him. Annapurna says I am asking as you and Sanskar went to kitchen in the night. Sanskar says he saw a black ghost. Laksh asks him to calm down and asks Sujata to take him upstairs. Swara doubts on Sanskar’s acting.

The Inspector leaves from there. The community members apologize to Durga Prasad and asks him not to resign as his son is being framed. Annapurna thanks Swara for saving their respect. Swara promises not to let Durga Prasad respect or reputation spoil. Laksh smiles. Durga Prasad thinks of her words. Swara leaves. Ragini turns and sees Sanskar. Swara turns and asks Laksh, did you call me. Laksh says no. He tells that if he fails to prove innocent after 36 hours……Swara says you will prove your innocent. Laksh says he can go to jail happily as she trusts him. He starts joking with her. Swara smiles. Laksh thanks her. Sanskar and Ragini look at them. Ragini says shall we go? Swara and Ragini leave from there. Laksh looks on.

Sujata tells Sanskar that police will trace the caller and can catch him. Sanskar says the phone number doesn’t belong to him. He tells that Swara started loving Laksh and wants to prove his innocence. Swara tells Ragini that Sanskar is acting and she has a doubt on him. She says his behavior is weird. She says he was normal, but when Inspector called on that number, he behaved weirdly. Ragini gets shocked as Swara may find her truth also and burns her hand accidently. Swara tells there is a connection between the phone and Sanskar. She says I need your help to bring Sanskar’s truth out and to prove Laksh innocent. Ragini smiles and hold her hand. Swara thanks her.

Ragini tells Swara, if this is friendship or love. Swara confesses to love him. Ragini is shocked. She calls Laksh and tells him that Swara is doubting Sanskar. Laksh says how can she think that. Swara hears Ragini talking to Laksh.

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