Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratima and Lalita arguing. Krishna talks to Dadi and says he called his family, as Suhani is very clever and will doubt. Pratima says she trusts Suhani, she will solve this problem soon. Krishna says we have to do something big soon. Yuvraaj comes to the room and sees everything messed up. He says Krishna…. Suhani comes and asks him not to shout and calm down. He says I will talk to them. She says formula will also be here along with their luggage. He stops.

Krishna tells Soumya that Dadi did not like our family coming here. She says but she wants to kick out Suhani. He says we know that Dadi is also responsible in blaming me as thief, I have to teach her a lesson too, I thought of something. She asks what. Sharad comes and they leave. Suhani and Yuvraaj search for the formula. Krishna comes there and Yuvraaj and Suhani get tensed. Lalita cries and asks Krishna to listen to her. Krishna stops at the door and asks her what happened. She says Pratima has insulted me and asks him to scold her.

He says he is not a goon, she can solve everything. She says he is not her Krishna, why did he get her here. He swears on her that he will talk to her. They go inside the room and shut the door. Suhani and Yuvraaj hide in cupboard and see them. Saware………plays…………… Krishna shows some papers. Krishna pulls Suhani close as she would be seen by Krishna. Music plays…………..

Soumya says this is very tough, when did you make the papers. He says today, once this papers get signed, everything will be fine. She says fine, like you wish. They hear Murali calling Rakhi and rush out leaving the papers there. Radhe comes there and Suhani hits Yuvraaj. Radhe says is this a cat’s sound. Yuvraaj says is he mad. Suhani laughs. Radhe gets the papers and makes paper planes with it. He leaves.

Suhani and Yuvraaj look for papers and do not find it. Soumya and Krishna talk to Rakhi. Lalita defends Rakhi. Radhe says Krishna is out of jail and became jailer. Radhe shows the paper planes to Rakhi. Soumya and Krishna look for papers and think did Suhani get it. Suhani gets the plane. Radhe says he has taken the paper from Krishna’s room and Soumya snatches the paper before Suhani could see. Suhani asks why is she snatching things, she could have asked her. Krishna scolds Radhe for touching his things. Krishna takes the papers. Soumya tells Radhe that they hjave come for some work and he should not spoil it.

Radhe says what should I do now. Sharad looks on and tells Ramesh not to give any imp work like washing utensils to Radhe. Radhe says he will do this imp work. Krishna goes to Dadi and asks her to sign on the papers, to take case back from his name. Dadi asks why. Krishna says Suhani can make me get arrested any time, he is not able to do his work well, if she says he was not there at that time, Suhani will be proved wrong. Dadi says she did complaint, how can I take complaint back. He says yes I know, I will manage, just sign. Radhe washes all the utensils and says Rakhi I will show you my talent. She asks her to throw the plate, he will catch. She asks is he sure. He says yes and gets ready. He catches it and she says great. He says next. She starts playing with him and some plates break.

Dadi asks why this NOC. He says to cancel my bail and take complaint back. He thinks if Dadi reads that paper, it will be problem. He asks does she not trust him. She says don’t know, you went against me and got your family here, how can I trust you. He says I was just trying to do your work well. Dadi signs and gives the file. He says thanks and leaves.

Anuj gets hurt. Suhani asks Soumya what is she doing. Soumya asks all of them to think. Anuj says Dadi was right, Suhani should have not hired them.

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