Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th June 2015 Written Episode

Amms and Rishab come to the room to wish Nandini, Amms says she is asleep till yet. Nandini hugs Amms and Rishab. Amms asks Nandini if she didn’t sleep at night. Nandini asks why is she asking so? Amms says that otherwise Nandini was always asleep on her birthdays in the morning. Nandini says she slept early so she is fresh. Amms points that her lights were also on. She asks Nandini about the gift and suggests they must go to market in the evening. Nandini says they won’t find her gift in market, but in Gurukul She asks Amms to forgive her friends for the misunderstanding and let them stay here. Amms says she can’t say to her today.
Fab5 wakes Aryaman up asking about Harshid. Aryaman says he isn’t a reporter of Harshid’s whereabout. Aryaman heads to leave, Aaliya warns him that they have got eyes on him. Manik comes there and says he is awake because it is his girlfriend’s birthday, but why are they awake. Amms and Nandini come to the room, Amms asks they got u so early. Navya says here is a trend of getting up at 4 am. Amms says that today is Nandini’s birthday and she wants her friends to stay here for today. Fab5 shows as if they didn’t know about the birthday, and wishes Nandini. Cabir asks Manik why is he shy, he must also wish her. Manik forwards his hand to shake hers. Cabir takes Manik’s hand first and says he wants to thanks a lot to him. Manik tries to jerk his hand but Cabir doesn’t leave it. Amms says she arranges pooja on every birthday of Nandini. Amms leaves.
Cabir asks Manik what is this on his hand, there were imprints of lipstick on his palm. Mukti and Aaliya ask what is this about. Cabir asks Manik to leave, he will manage. Mukti and Aaliya ask Nandini what they should do for Amms as she allowed them to stay here. Nandini suggests about wearing Indian clothes. They agree but didn’t have Indian clothes, Nandini says she will arrange them all.
Aryaman wakes Harshid up, Harshid says he told her to stay away from Cabir but he… Aryaman was enraged, he shouts at Harshid to shut up and shows him the phone in which there was a photo of Harshid in it.

PRECAP: Manik wishes Nandini with the wish written on his palm. He looks for his phone.

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