Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2015 Written Episode

Kokila sadly tells family how can Meera trouble her own family. Vidya tells about some finding on CCTV footage.

Meera tells Sanskar that because of Gopi, she was suffering since childhood. She reminisces how she made fake finer and sent it to Modi bhavan with her ring on it. Sanskar smiles.

Gopi says she was not with Meera when she needed her and continues blaming herself. Kokila reminisces seeing a dirt bucket when she kicked Sanskar and says Meera planned to take ransom money and even insult Gopi.

Sanskar praises Meera that she is a natural actress and asks what will she do next to torture her family. She will let them sleep and start troubling from tomorrow. She tells because of Gopi, her dad ignored her.

Hetal tells family that she cannot believe masked woman was Meera. Kokila says she is 100% sure as she picked broken frame from ground and kept it back carefully and how will stranger know where Meera’s passport is.

Sanskar tells Meera to get her away from Modis and this country, she needs his passport. Vidya on the other side tells Ahem that they have Meera’s passport and she cannot leave country now. Gopi asks what Meera wants to do. Ahem says he will call Sanskar and calls him. Sanskar panics. Meera says by now they know that they are together. She picks calls. Ahem asks what is wrong with her. She asks what is wrong with him, he does not see anything except Gopi and did not realize how far she went from him. She continues that Gopi keeps ordering everyone. She was suffocating in that house, so she got out of it, now she will never come back there. Gopi again starts crying and complaining.

Kokila starts her dialogues next. She tells Gopi that she tried to reunite family with great difficulty. She says she will teach Meera in her way. She came back here thinking she would retire and give all responsibilities to Pari and Gopi, but Meera has changed her decision. She promises family that she will bring back Meera home and takes god’s oath.

Kinjal sees Urmila sleeping and thinks she can go to Modi bhavan now peacefully and leaves. Urmila wakes up and thinks she will not let her go. She sees water mug and gets an idea. Kinjal gets ready and comes back to Urmila’s room to check if she is still asleep and falls on wet floor. She sees open window and thinks cat must have dropped water mug on floor.

Meera insists Sanskar to marry her. He says it is not a kid’s play. She asks if he will marry her or not. He says he will but after she gets passport. She says she wants to marry right now. He says we cannot leave city without passport, so they have to get it somehow. Meera says if they marry, her family cannot do anything and will have to accept them. Once they get passport, they can live their dream life easily.

Gopi asks Ahem to stop getting sad. He says he cannot believe Meera can do this. Kokila says Meera has grown up now and can do anything. Ahem says he realized how much he troubled Kokila and apologizes her for leaving her alone for 10 years. He says as he left her, his daughter left her and left him in pain. Kokila says her son is not that weak. She will make Meera realize her mistake and soon Meera will be back home happily. She asks Ahem to call Meera. He calls, but her phone is not reachable. Kokila says not to worry, she will get Meera back.

Precap: Tolu finds out Meera’s location via satellite and informs family.

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