Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Kapoor shouting in anger that Ram is using Anu’s name to escape from jail. Disha silently watches

Ram continues drinking at Barkha’s house. She asks him to stop and have food with her. He says he is not hungry. she says all these days she was having food alone and got happy thinking she got a company. He asks if she stays alone here. She asks if he sees anyone here. He says no. she asks him to stop his bak bak and have food with her.

Ayaan tells Suraj that he lost Anu’s letter and gets tensed. Sudha hears their conversation and asks which letter he is searching. He says Anu’s letter which will prove Ram innocent. she asks if it had Disha’s name. He says yes. She says she found it on floor and kept it in Disha’s room. Ayaan says he will get it right now, but Suraj stops him.

Barkha gives alcohol bottles to a drunkard. Ram comes and asks where are the bottles. She says she gave them all and tells she does not want him to spoil his life more because of her again. He asks what does she mean and asks if she knows him from before.

Ayaan talks to his boss over phone and tells he still did not get Anu’s letter. He turns back and is shocked to see Disha standing. She asks if he is fighting Ram’s case. He says yes. she starts shouting at him. He says Ram is innocent and he will prove it with Anu’s letter. She says there is no letter like that as her mom was not in a condition to write a letter and she used to meet her daily. She shouts at him and leaves. Suraj tries to speak her, but she ignores him. He asks Ayaan what happened. Ayaan says she knows that he is fighting ram’s case. Suraj also gets tensed. Ayaan says he has to prove Ram innocent soon.

Barkha comes back to bar to sing and sees Ram already there drinking. She asks why did he come back. He asks her instead why did she come. She says she works here. He continues arguing with her. She goes on stage to sing.

Ayaan comes to Kapoor’s house and sees him fuming and telling that Ram’s lawyer is very cruel. Disha says he is right, looking at Ayaan. Kapoor sees him and starts talking to him.

Barkha brings Ram back to her room and asks why did he come to bar again and drank 1400 rs worth alcohol, she will go bankrupt if he continues like this. He asks why did she pay when he did not ask. She says bouncers would have broken his bones. He says he wants to be punished for his mistake and continues blaming himself, while she tries to console him.

Kapoor tells Disha that he offered Ayaan to join India’s biggest law firms, but he rejected his offer as he wants to serve poor people, nobody can be honest than ayaan and he is very very proud of him. He sees her tensed and asks the reason. She says she was thinking about her papa’s lawyer who is fooling them. Mallika asks if she knows him. She looteks at Ayaan.

Precap: Ayaan tells Disha that Sudha kept anu’s letter in her room. Disha asks her to find it if he can and he starts searching. Barkha hides something seeing Ram. Ram thinks she is hiding alcohol bottle, snatches it and is shocked to see the item..

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