Swaragini 18th June 2015 Written Episode

Shekhar tells Swara that they will celebrate her birthday with family and asks her to cut the cake. Sumi wishes her birthday and asks her to ask a wish. Swara wishes that she succeeds to prove the truth for herself and Ragini. She cuts the cake. Shekhar asks what? Swara tells him that she has a doubt on Sanskar and thinks he is not mad, but acting. She says she has a plan to know the truth. Ragini runs to her room on the pretext of giving medicine to Dada ji and calls Sanskar. She realizes that his phone is with Police, and disconnects the call. She then calls Laksh and informs him that Swara is suspecting Sanskar’s intentions and thinking he is not mad, but acting. Laksh says it is not possible. Ragini says she is scared about the consequences and asks him to explain to Swara. Laksh tells her that he will talk to Swara. Ragini turns and sees Swara standing behind her. She gets shocked.

Laksh calls Swara and asks why you are doubting Sanskar. Swara says she will tell him everything and asks him to bring Sanskar to baadi tomorrow morning. Laksh agrees. Swara asks do you trust me? Laksh says more than myself. After disconnecting the call, Swara asks Ragini why did you tell Laksh that I am doubting Sanskar. Durga Prasad thinks about Swara and how she protected his respect. Swara tells Ragini that she is doing this for Laksh, and says there is some connection of Sanskar with the conspiracy. Ragini starts sweating. Swara asks are you worried about Sanskar. Ragini says yes. Swara says nothing will happen to Laksh and Sanskar. Ragini asks are you doing this for friendship or_____? She keeps Swara’s hand on her head and gives promise. Swara says I love Laksh. I love him very much and apologizes.

Annapurna comes to room and tells Durga Prasad that Swara might think that they will agree to her relation with Laksh. Ram says they will not get engaged and promises that Swara can’t be our family. Ragini asks Swara, did you lie to me? Swara says no, I didn’t lie to you. I genuinely didn’t love him that time, but whatever happened that night, I knew that he loves me genuinely. When he proposed me again, I realized his love and knew that he is telling truth. She turns and sees Ragini in tears. She says this has happened because of you. She apologizes and says it is difficult for you to accept all this. Ragini says she has accepted truth and these tears are happy tears. She hugs her and says she is very happy. Swara says you are best sister in this world. Thanks for being my sister. Swara leaves from there. Ragini looks on, recalling Swara’s love confession. She closes the door and thinks of Swara’s words….I love Laksh…..She cries, unable to accept the fact.

Swara talks to Doctor and tries to convince him. He says it is harmful and asks did anyone else know about it. Sumi comes and says they know about it. Doctor asks Swara to meet him in the morning and leaves. Swara tells Sumi that she won’t do anything wrong and will bring Sanskar’s truth. Laksh brings Sanskar to baadi in the morning. Sanskar asks why did we come here? Swara says he brought you here, to make you meet Ragini. Sanskar asks where is Ragini and calls her name. Laksh tells Swara that he has full faith on her and knows that she won’t do anything wrong. Ragini sees Sanskar at her home and recalls Swara asking Laksh to bring Sanskar. Swara asks Sanskar, are you feeling good to meet Ragini. Sanskar asks her to go and says he will talk to his friend. Sumi greets them and takes Laksh from there. Swara brings kheer for Sanskar and asks him to eat. Ragini looks on shockingly and realizes it is Swara’s plan. Sanskar asks Swara to eat first and makes her eat. Swara turns and spits the kheer on a tissue paper. Ragini gets shocked. Sanskar sits and eats kheer.

Swara tells Ragini that she has mixed a medicine in Sanskar’s kheer and it will slow down his mind. She says she will get her answers. She asks Ragini to record the conversation and asks Sanskar about his name. Sanskar says his name. Ragini gets shocked thinking Sanskar might reveal to her about their conspiracy.

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