Tere Sheher Mein 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Uma being happy seeing Amaya annoyed with Mantu. She thinks Mantu can’t do this and asks Mantu was this his plan. Rama talks to his dad and says he would have kept medicines without any charge. His dad scolds her. Kavita comes and says she wants to talk to Rama. She takes his dad’s permission. His dad says its her home and asks her to sit. He goes. Rama asks what work she has. She asks where is their bedroom. He gets tensed. She says lets go there, I need to talk something alone. He says we are alone here too. She takes him to his room and shuts the door.

She says its just okay room, I will decorate it after marriage. He asks what she has to say. She says she wants imp advice from him and shows the tattoos, saying its latest fashion. She says she will make a tattoo on her neck. He says no. She asks where will he make and asks him to make tattoo near his heart. He says no, this can’t happen, I don’t like it, you leave now, I have work. She thinks she will make him dance after marriage. She leaves. Rama says he will make tattoo of his love but Rachita does not love him.

Rachita cries recalling her fiance. Eshu says she will find some way to make her rid of the tattoo on her back neck. Rachita says few things can’t be erased easily. She asks her to check Sneha, she will make breakfast. Amaya sees Sneha going in auto and follows her. Jaz tells Rachita that mum is not here. Rachita asks did you check well. Jaz asks where did she go. Rachita says yes, mum told me she is going out for some imp work. She asks her to have breakfast and leave for school.

Sneha comes to the hospital. Amaya goes after her. Sneha goes to Gajanand’s ward. She sees him and hides. Amaya comes to her. Sneha says dad is fine, doctor said he will get discharged. Amaya asks her to come. Sneha smiles and says yes. Amaya says she did right to come here and see her dad. She says she was returning from interview and saw her in auto. They see Pushpa coming. Sneha says she has seen dad, she came to know yesterday itself. Pushpa asks how did her upbringing go wrong, when she married Rishi, they lost respect, even then she loved her and asked her dad to forgive her.

Sneha asks why is she repeating things now. Pushpa says you have learnt to turn away from relations, we did not teach you this, but your daughter is ahead of you, she does not value relations and humanity. Sneha says I don’t know why you are saying this, I did not give you right to insult my daughter. Pushpa says I have right, its about my husband, ask your daughter. Sneha asks Amaya what is mum saying. Pushpa says what will she say, she has left her Nana on the road in critical state. Sneha says what? Pushpa tells her everything what happened on the reception night. Sneha asks Amaya why did she lie to her. Amaya says yes. Sneha slaps her and asks her why did she do this. Amaya cries.

Sneha asks why did she run leaving Gajanand on road, she has punished her, she is ashamed to call her daughter, this is disgusting. Rudra hears everything and says Gajanand is aunty’s dad, Hari has hidden this big secret from me and mum, I have to tell mum. Amaya says this is not complete truth, I will tell. Pushpa and Sneha scold her for lying. Amaya wants to say and gets silent seeing Pushpa.

Amaya apologizes to Sneha and Pushpa. Sneha asks her to go to Gajanand and apologize. Pushpa says no Sneha, don’t send her. Sneha asks Amaya to go. Amaya recalls Gajanand’s words. She says this will not be right, I can’t go. Sneha asks is it fine to leave him on road, is it fine to not apologize, you are punishing me. They cry. Amaya says fine, I will do like you want, I will apologize to him. She goes to the ward and cries. Gajanand sees her. She goes to touch his feet. He moves his feet away.

Sneha scolds Amaya at home. Amaya says she does not know the truth yet and asks her to listen to her.

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