Manmarziyan 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun and Radhika getting inside the room. He asks her to get out. She says no use, I will not go. She says she will sleep on the bed, when he asks her to sleep on sofa. He says he will sleep on the bed. She asks is he not going out. He asks why will I. She says its not good to be alone in room with a girl. He says he is not afraid, she can go. She says she is not afraid, but mum dad.

He asks how will they know. She says I know they will not like it, go out. He says you should not do this, so you go out, this is my room, I have to sleep now. He removes his tshirt and she turns. She asks why is he removing shirt. He says its his mood, does she have any problem. She closes her eyes and he smiles. She says she will sleep in the balcony. He says excellent, the balcony is there, go.

She takes his blanket and he asks her to give it, else he will throw her down. She asks him to call and get another one. He asks her to call and snatches it. She holds it right and they fight for the blanket. The door gets shut and he looks at her. She says its closed. She tries to open the door. He tries too. She says don’t worry, anyone will hear us, its hotel, wait. She shouts thief, save me, help………. She says Dada ji says when you need help, you should shout thief…. She tries again and shouts.

She says no one is listening. He looks on angrily. She asks him to shout. He says she is mad. She asks what did I do. They start arguing. He asks why did she stick to him and asks her to leave him. She says I did not say to get me from the jungle, I did not say to stay with me alone and blames him. He holds his anger. She says if she dies, she will scare him in his dreams. She asks how will he shout on her if she becomes ghost.

He covers himself with the blanket and sits at a corner. She sits far and looks at him. She feels cold. He holds part of blanket and covers herself. Arjun pulls it back and sleeps. She tries again. He gets it back and stares angrily. The blanket fight goes on like Tom and Jerry fights. She falls and he gives her part of the blanket. She starts her talk and he closes eyes to sleep. She says she feels problem is with him.

Bird dropping falls on him and he looks at her. She moves away being scared. Radhika says its good luck. He laughs and says I could get anyone in the world, but no, I got you, I would have met any problem, but nothing happened, every problem is less infront of you, Radhika Mishra. He laughs and she smiles seeing him.

She says when you laugh, you look absolutely normal. He looks at her. Khwaishon pe likhi…………….plays………….. He turns and tries to sleep. They sit away covering themselves by the blankets and sleep. Its morning, Neil looks at Sam sleeping on the bed. Ansuon me bighaati………… manmarziyan………plays……………. He cries and wipes his tears. The shawl gets off and he covers her off by the shawl. She wakes up. He whistles and asks shall we leave. She says she does not wish to go. He says like sunrise will end this darkness, love light will end the darkness of her life. She says love is the darkness is my life.

She says darkness looks more dark after light goes. He says darkness is gone Sam, its morning, sun is about to rise. He says you will trust love again some day. She says lets not bring love in between our friendship. Arjun and Radhika are shown sitting close and sleeping. He wakes up and sees her resting her head on his shoulder. Nafraton me mili tu mujhe is tarah…………….plays………….. He looks at her.

Neil asks Sam to run how much she want and she will find herself infront of love again. Arjun tries reaching Sam.

Pictures comming soon.

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