Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with RV getting annoyed with police for letting devarsh free , police reply that his bro had brought bail paers from court. So he can discuss this with court
RV then starts hitting sharman for bailing our his falguni maa’s kaatil and the one who attacked ishaani
RV shouts and hits sharman police come and separate the fighting duo
Sharman says he was the one against them , devarsh would never harm falguni kaaki and sister ishaani
Devarsh calls ishaani asking her to come immediately as RV and sharman were fighting
Sharman shouts at RV saying he was dhokhebaaz. He ditched ishaani. Its because of him ishaani went to jail
Rv retorts that all pf them were his enemies as they were taking the side of his falguni maa’s killer
Ishaani arrives and asks them to stop fighting
She tells RV that this was their family matter if devarsh jad killed her mother or not
If he had problem he could go to court , and not go about hitting people
RV is very hurt

Outside the PS sharman thanks ishaani for supporting devarsh , theu wonder why was RV thinking devarsh had committed this crime ?? It must be the real kiler who made him believe this
Ishaani gets emotional. Sharman says she still loved RV
Ishaani speaks in favour of RV , he could never betray. But sharman says RV ditched her Shikhar was better for her. She should forget RV and marry shikhar
RV and ritika both were dhokheybaaz
They never accept their faults

Sharman then tells ishaani That ritiks was pregant with RV’s child
Ishaani is shocked to hear this. that ritika was not carrying his child as ritika accused on their sangeet
Ishaani replies that RV could never betray , but sharman says ritika is more than 8 months pregnant ,
Ishaani realises 8months ago she was with RV and then he never betrayed her. He could never do thos to ritika , so RV was not the father of ritika’s child , so this child had to be sharman’s
She accuses sharman of ditching ritika after making her pregnant

Ishaani accuses him that because he ditched ritika RVvhad to support her and it was because of him RV and ishaani were separate
Sharman is shocked

In Rv’s study ritika is talking to the pandit whonis looking very scared , she is telling him to get her married to RV. She offers him huge bundle of cash
She warns pandit ji to prepone her wedding date and not utter a word about her past
She asks him to change the grah nakshatra and change kundali and get her married to Rv and wedding over in 5 mins
Pandit says how could he change the Vedas mantras , there was no mantra that could complete marriage in 5 mins , he was god fearing
Ritika asks him to fear god after death but in his life he should be scared for her , as she warns him of dire consequences

Ishaani is walking on the road thinking that ritika’s child was not Rv’s all the while she was thinking RV had moved on with Ri
But the child was sharman’s she regrets leaving RV while all the while he was waiting for her , trying to get back with her. She is in tears .
She recalls how sharamn had said that he would never cross his limits , his sanskaar , she calls sharman , he replies he had got drunk , but he never touched Ritika , ri was lying , ishaani replies that that time RV was marrying ishaani It was impossible RV was with Ri
Sharman says that only Ri could tell whose child was this 8 months old baby

Ishaani weeps that she had left RV thinking he had fathered Ri’s child. She allowed him to get married with Ri , but Ri knew everything. Why did she not tell her ?? What did Ri want ?? She regrets , she is heart broken Sits by the road side and BG song plays ..” Kho gaya gum ho gaya …”
Ishaani weeps as passers by ask her not to sit on roadside

Ishaani wonders why were ishaani. And RV separate when RVvhad done no fault , it was herself who had thought he had moved on
She says sorry to RV and weeps

Precap ishaani confronts Ri at some isolated spot asking her whose baby was she carrying , her brother sharman could never lie , Ri is shocked

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