Doli Armaanon Ki 18th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
While damini and anirudh are talking, a strange buzzer starts ringing, and they are alarmed and then plesantly surprised, when they have an overhead shower of petals. The family gathers and each of them wishes them a happy anniversary. anirudh too wishes damini, who is overwhelmed that he forgave her. She too wishes him and then thanks him for his considerate nature. thereafter, ishaan tells them, that throughout the buzzer shall keep ticking, and that shall mark one of their surprises. They are amused and surprised when they know that ishaanplanned this and not urmi.

Later, urmi and ishaan, have a romantic session in their room, where he promises her also to be very partyicular about making every anniversary special in their life. Downstairs, while all are chatting, the buzzer rings again, and ishaan asks them to close their eyes. Thety comply. he presents a lifesize portrait of them. When they open their eyes and see it, they are thoroughly emotional and overwhelmed. then urmi gets a call from the bakery topick their ordered cake. Ishaan and anirudh offer to go, but she shuts them both saying that she shall manage. She leaves.

Later, while shashi is busy preparing with sandhya, she gets samrat’s call, taunting her about the cake, as the delievry guy does so. shashi is tensed as to where urmi went, samrat says that she went to her death, as he faked the voice and got her to come out. Shashi reprimands him and pleads him not to do anything rash. samrat listens intently but doesnt relent. Samrat tells shashi. that he has decided to put an end to urmi’s life today. shashi is very scared and decides to call urmi. meanwhile, oblivious to this, urmi is happily driving her car on the road. Meanwhile, shashi is super scared, that urmi’s phone isnt going through. she is oblivious that samrat has already taken the sim out, detailing that he has created the exact precision, to get rid of her finally. he breaks into a huge guffaw. meanwhile, shashi decides that she shall have to tell ishaan everything. she searches for ishaan, and then tells everything that samrat has planned. ishaan is super shocked. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Urmi is traspped in a warehouse by samrat and then fire burned around her. ishaan drives frantically on the road, to get some news of urmi.

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