Sasuraal Simar Ka 19th June 2015 Written Episode

Maya says sit i mata ji’s feet and ask for pardon. Simar says you dont need to do that. Go to temple and ask God’s pardon. mausi ji goes to temple and says you know how simple i am please pardon me, i will be a better person.

Mausi ji comes back and says now you pardon me as well. Simar says you treated me like an obeject and sold me. You made your sister sit in your feet. but we are not like you. we won treat you the way you treated us. We deceived you and I am not regretting it all.We wont be like you, but inspector you can take her. Cops take mausi ji with her to the jeep. she begs please save me simar, jiji save me. She says i made a mistake i wont do it again, please save me. She says maya please save me. mataji recalls what she used to say and how she used to console her. Cops take her, mata ji in tears. Simar says i know what you are going through but we had no other option.

Rajveer says how can rajeshwari do this. He asks ram lal where is she? he tells that she is in her room, rajveer says okay i will talk to her. Roli says in heart we have to stop them from meeting. I have to get that thing. The other thief is in the way to.
Rajveer gets a call, its from landline. he says maa? where were you ? i have been calling you. Then he says what are you saying? pari says this is truth, simar maya and amar made this plan, cops have taken mausi ji with her. mata ji comes in, roli says i told you what i had to, now you decide whom you have to punish.
Rajveer says what should i do? maa is in a trouble i should be with her. but i have to meet rajeshwari as well.

maya says to pari look at them they are doing so much for this family. pari says lower your voice. maya says i wont. pari says how dare you to argue with me, she is about to slap maya. simar holds her hand.
Rajveer comes out of room, roli says in heart she must have told him.


Precap-the SSP says rajveer is special to our department how could you lodge a complaint against his mom. inspector says its filed. amar record what ssp said..

Rest coming soon.

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