Balika Vadhu 19th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kamli gives her clothes to laundry man. Pushkar takes the cloth and asks to hold him, as he wants to play hide and seek game. Kamli scolds him. Pushkar gets sad and leaves. His mum sees him sad and comes to Kamli. She says Pushkar wants to play wih you and he don’t want to trouble you. He is very happy with you. She says whatever had happened with you, I know. She feels her pain and says every wife sacrifice for her husband. She says he is not your dream guy, and it is difficult for you to accept him. She says if I would have a daughter, I would not let her marry to this kind of boy. She says but being a mum, she got him married. She asks her not to hate him being a woman and requests her to behave good wit him.

Kamli holds her hand. Mannu thinks about Ganga singing lori for him, and thinks he needs to hear that lori. He comes to her room and sees her sleeping. Ganga wakes up, he leaves in a hurry. Ganga sees his glimpse and comes to his room. She sings his childhood lori and keeps his head on her lap. Mannu feels relaxed and cries badly calling her Maasaa……….They hug and cry. Mannu recalls Ratan Singh’s death, and Ganga asking him to leave from there. He breaks the hug and asks her to leave. He says I hate you………Ganga asks him to listen to her. He refuses and cries.

Ganga cries too. Nimboli sees Kundan’s book and turns its pages. Kundan sees her turning the pages, and asks what are you doing here? Nimboli says I kept your tiffin box in bag and tries to take his bag. Kundan says he will lift his school bag. Nimboli thanks him. Kundan asks her to come with him and holds his tiffin bag. She agrees and asks him to wear uniform. Kundan asks Nimboli, don’t you wish to study? Nimboli says she wants to and asks Kundan, why you are in the same class since three years.

Kundan says he has studied well. She asks him to read a poster. Kundan reads it. Nimboli tells her that Chukke Chudail said right and tells about Anandi. She recalls about Gopal’s death and cries. Kundan thinks Gopal is making him away from Nimboli. She won’t let me touch her now.

Mannu talks to Dadisaa and asks what you would have done, if someone snatches your grand son. Dadisaa tells about Ratan Singh’s tortures and crime, and says he was really bad. Mannu gets angry on her. Jagya asks how can you talk to Dadisaa like this. Jagya raises his hand, Mannu asks him to beat him. Jagya says what shall I do to him. Dadisaa says this age is like this. Everything will be fine and tells that Mannu went to Ganga’s room yesterday night. Kundan asks her to eat food.

Akhiraj tells Harki that Pandit got a new alliance for Kundan. Harki asks what we will do to Nimboli. Akhiraj plans something evil. Nimboli calls Kamli through Akhiraj’s mobile and invites her for Kundan’s marriage. Akhiraj looks for his phone and catches Nimboli while she is keeping phone back.

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