Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2015 Written Episode

Kokila promises Ahem and Gopi that she will bring Meera back home and asks to believe her words. Tolu comes back and tells that he made a hole in Sanskar’s car petrol tank. Kokila says good. She tells Gopi that they will explain to Meera that Sanskar is not good and is betraying her. Sanskar and Meera are in another car. Meera tells she is happy that she will be freed from Modi Bhavan after their marriage. Sanskar is silent. Meera asks aren’t you happy? Sanskar says he is really happy. Meera says now we have money too. Sanskar asks will your family stop following us. Meera says I will made them fool and came to you. I am two steps ahead of them.

Sanskar asks what if they do police complain. Meera says they won’t complain in police and they know I am also involved in kidnapping. They will not like me to get arrested. Ahem follows Sanskar’s car. Sanskar’s car stops on the way. He tells petrol might be over and checks. Meera asks what we will do now. Kokila says Sanskar will go to get petrol and Meera will be alone. Sanskar tells that he will see the mechanic and petrol pump. Meera says he is hungry and wants to eat food. Sanskar says we don’t have that much time. Kokila takes out her jewellery and gives it to Jigar. She says you will all know about my plan soon and gets down the car.

Kokila wears blanket and stands on a roadside corn shop, hiding her face. Meera and Sanskar come there to buy corn. Kokila throws corn intentionally. Meera shouts at her, and scolds her. She insults her and calls her mad, deaf and dumb. Jigar says how can she talk so bad? Sanskar says it is okay. Meera says we will buy another kurta for you. I want my marriage to be perfect and I want to send perfect pictures to Gopi. Sanskar says he will arrange petrol first as temple is nearly 1 km from here. Kokila hears them silently.

Hetal cries and worries for Ahem. She says Ahem has fulfilled all her wishes and Meera did this. She feels bad for Gopi also and asks Paridhi to call Jigar. Paridhi asks her not to worry and says she will call Jigar again. Kinjal comes and acts as concerned for Meera. She says she couldn’t eat since she heard news about Meera’s kidnapping. She hugs Hetal and cries fakely. She says she is worried about Meera’s future and says she may not get good alliance now. Hetal asks her to stop crying and says Kokila will bring her home. She says Meera is kidnapped and she will get a good alliance plus good groom today. Urmila comes and asks where is Koki? Hetal says she went to search Meera. Urmila says she is sure Koki will search meera and hugs Hetal. She eyes Kinjal angrily. Sanskar gets petrol and fills his car’s tank. Jigar and Ahem say it seems he will ruin our plan.

Meera says she is very excited. Sanskar asks what to do with this kurta. Meera asks him to wear it for time being and asks him to take her to temple. Kokila tells that they are going to temple. Gopi says how we will stop their marriage. Ahem says I will take her home irrespective of her shouts. Kokila says we shall pray to Krishna God to help us. Meera tells Sanskar that they will be together after marriage. Sanskar says you have become filmy. Meera says her hero is with her. They see Police checking the cars and halt the car. Sanskar says we will go from jungle way. Ahem says they have money bag and can get caught by police. Gopi worries. Kokila says Meera will not be caught by police as she will fool them too. She says if they do as I am thinking then we will catch her.

Gopi, Ahem, Kokila and others reach temple. Gopi tells Meera that Sanskar is betraying her. Vidya says he won’t return. Ahem shows Sanskar’s message, that reads he don’t want to marry Meera. Meera is in shock.

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