Shastri Sisters 20th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Minty pushing Kajal and shouting for help. She calls out Rajat and Neil. They all hear her and get shocked. Minty falls down seeing the fire. Rajat asks Neil to call fire brigade, he will go to mum. Anu holds his hand and asks him to be careful. Minty asks for help. Kajal sees Minty. Rajat tries to go inside. Kajal puts blanket on her and Minty thinks its Rajat. Kajal says its her. Minty is shocked. Kajal says lets leave, fire is increasing. Minty says she will die, but not come with her. Rajat comes there and sees Kajal and Minty. Rajat brings them out.

Vrinda tells Alka that everything is over. Rohan asks what happened. She shows the news of the molestation case on Rohan and says now they can’t go anywhere, Alka wanted this and this is just the beginning, what will happen next. She says it would be good if I died before seeing all this. Alka asks what is she saying. Vrinda asks her to keep quiet. She says its my mistake to choose you for Rohan.

Sareens come home and Neil says about Kajal’s mistakes, she will ruin homes. Rajat says I know she did many crimes, but she saved mum’s life, I don’t think she can do anything now. Neil says you don’t know her, mum is imp for me too, we can’t leave her like this. Kajal and Leela come there and bring their bags. Kajal starts her drama and says she did big mistake, she was mad to do all this, she was hit by poverty and lost her mind.

She apologizes to her for her mistakes. Leela says yes, forgive me Minty. Kajal holds Minty’s feet and Minty moves her feet away. Kajal apologizes to Anu and everyone. She leaves with Leela. Sareen smiles and says house was lonely without Rajat and Anu. Minty goes to her room. Sareen says what happened to Minty. Minty recalls Rajat’s words and how she blindly trusted Kajal. Sareen comes and asks her what happened. She says she is ashamed to face Rajat and Anu. She says she is a bad woman, and cries saying she does not believe herself. Sareen asks her to come. She says she will be away from them, she is a bad mum, she has ruined their happiness.

Rajat and Anu come to her. Anu asks her not to cry, she is the root of their happiness, and explains her that she was not wrong. Minty cries and says she has done many mistakes and apologizes to them holding ears. Rajat says I don’t like my mum apologizing to anyone, I like my bold mum. He makes her smile and she hugs them. Sareen jokes that Minty and Anu have hugged, its historic and he takes their pic. They smile. Rajat says he has to go back to Ambala. Sareen says its time for party, we will party again when you come back. Rajat asks them to party and miss him.

Leela asks where is Kajal and scolds Minty and Sareen family. The lady inspector comes and says Leela has complaint that Kajal is missing and she doubts them to be behind this. Minty and everyone get shocked.

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