Sasuraal Simar Ka 20th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajveer comes downstairs, roli says i think rajveer knows that we call her. Sid says its about time now. sid takes out his dagger to attack rajveer, rajveer ignores him and says aryan.. until i am back you stay here. take care of my maani. and be careful no one should go in rajeshwari’s room. He leaves. roli and sid heave a sigh of relief.

Khushi says this is rajveer’s house. you should be grateful to them for letting live here. simar says this is our house. We will get all of this back very soon. Happiness will be knocking back on our door. Mata ji says but they wont be the part of our family anymore. When we get everything back i will give them their share and they will be out of this house. Everyone is dazed, mata ji says i only want people with me who are my strength in my weaker times. After today only those matter to me who stood with me. I will forget rest of you like a nightmare. why are you looking at me like this? like you made a mistake first time. whenever we faced difficult times, you never stood with us. And khushi you? how dare you to talk this way to us? Don’t you remember the things you have done in this house? I and simar pardoned you every time. Next time you talk to simar in a louder tone i will serve you with even worse.

Rajveer comes to jail. mausi ji says please save me rajveer i dont wanna live here. rajveer says what did they do? mausi ji tells him about what maya, simar and mata ji did. Rajveer calls SSP. SSP comes and says how can your arrest rajveers’s mom? inspector says she attacked nirmala. rajveer says she did not have any reason to. Inespector says you better ask her. The behavior she had showed that her mental level is not well. SSP close this file forever. rajveer has done so much favors on us. Inspector says FIR is filed. SSP says tear it, or i will do it. Inspector says please this is not right. Amar comes and says oh let him do this. he has recorded everything. amar says don’t you remember rajveer you made my video like this as well? Since today you have been attacking but its our time now. you want her out? you can’t. we have made this case so strong. Your end has started.

Sid says lets go to rajeshwari’s room. roli says but we have to be careful. They start going upstairs. ram lal is in front of them, someone grapss roli’s hand and takes her in the room to save her form ram lal. Sid goes in as well. Its the other thief. sid says why did you save us? He says if you were real thieves i wont have saved you. i know you are here for some other mission. He shows them the Id card, he is an inspector. His says I am inspector shekahr. I am doing my duty here i am on a special mission here as well.
Rajveer calls his lawyer and says i want my mom back by tomorrow i dont know anything else. simar brings water and says drink cold water you would be clam. He throws it away. He says my mom.. simar says this time you touch me i would be even worse with you like i was with your mom.

Precap-Rajveer says how dare you to play this game with my mom? Simar says you made us do this. simar says this is to show all the moms who cover sins of their sons.

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