Sadda Haq 22nd June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanyu comes home and sees that agarwal is busy with looking at anju’s reports.
Agarwal gives anju her medicines and makes her sleep. He discusses her condition with a panel of doctors.

Everyone is working in the canteen, randhir comes they all ignore him. He leaves. sanyu gets a call from anju. Anju says what are you up to? she says i am working in the lab, did you take the medicine? sanyu says yes i did. Anju says never leave your dream amid, do whatever makes you happy. Stay wit your dad, dont leave this house. sanyu says yeah of course.
Ranhir is outside the lab. He goes in, ranawat comes in and says this is not your hostel. randhir says sir give me one more chance, i wanna prove myself. Ranawat says because of your attitude i think i shouldn’t have given you the first chance either. randhri says i have always been number one. Ranawat says because no one was above number two. He makes a graph and says your graph is stagnant. rest of the students moved from their position. you dont wanna learn anymore, you thirst is dead. I want people in this team who want to learn, i want improvement. randhir says sir give me one chance i will prove i wanna progress. ranawat says okay i give you another chance, you have compete with sahil for this position. randhir says why would i compete with him? ranawat says you should be happy that you are getting another chance. randhir says okay sir i am ready. ranawat says ask the team to assemble in class.

Sahil says what should i do? i was not even part of it. yoyo says you have to compete with randhir.Vidushi says randhir’s ego is too high. sahil says why is ranawat doing this. Sanyu says to randhir you wanna do this? he says you are my gf first then the captain. Everyone is in the class. ranawat mixes something blue is a box. Ranawat says the chalks will absorb it, when someone uses these chalks on board it will give some fumes, and that will make them faint. I have to faint them first to make them consious.
Ranawt comes to class. he writes an equation on board and asks sahil and randhri to solve it. they start solving it. randhir feels that his head hurts, randhir goes and starts hittin sahil. he says you can’t beat me. everyone starts stopping him. yoyo says he is our pal sahil what are you doing? Vid says he is a loser. parth says he is not a loser that is why it hurts him. and you better not talk about friendship.

Randhir goes and lays down on the bench, he recalls every time he used to win. And how ranawat called him trash. he says why did this happen? why couldn’t i solve such simple question? He stands up.
Ankit gets a call from sanyu. sanyu says its really important, go wake papa up. Ankit says i cant he is asleep. sanyu says please do. Ankit gives the phone to agarwal sanyu says go bring the surprise from fridge. They all start singing happy birthday song for anju. sanyu joins them on video call. sanyu says cut the cake, she cuts the cake and makes ankit and agarwal eat. sanyu says i am sleeping now, anju says love you. Vidushi says please let me sleep sanyu.

Sanyu comes to randhir’s room and says what are you cocnealing? he says go what are you doing? She says i am teasing you. He pulls her against the wall and says dont be over smart. she comes close to him and says you can be over smart and why i can’t i be. She takes the card and sees it, he has made a card for anju. sanyu says this is cute. He says i just tried. sanyu says thats enough.

Precap-randhir and sanyu are in the car. Randhir gets a call from ankit, he says come directly to hospital. Anju’s surgery in on going. sanyu asks thruv was it successful?

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