Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd June 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, nisha says if kabir loved me he wouldn’t have left me and gone, cousins leave one by one , nisha says kabir u shdnt have left me alone so plz come back plz, kabir in his room says nisha I am here in jaipur and when I see u happy I will go bcoz all that matters me is ur happiness, kabir looks at the camera gifted by nisha and remembers the day, and says nisha I remember each day spent with u and I love u.
Nisha is with kabirs jacket and gets a call from viraj, viraj asks nisha are u ok,nisha says yes I am, viraj says I don’t think so bcoz u looked very upset when u left, so plz take care, nisha says yes I will.viraj keeps the phone and remembers nishas fight for jacket and says I hope I am not mistaking nisha by thinking she will be happy with me. Nisha, kabir and viraj are crying in pain missing their love interest.
Vasu in house, door bell rings and she sees a letter at the door, its from London school of dance which reads kabirs admission is cancelled, vasu gets surprised and calls the school and asks abt the letter, vasu is informed that yes kabir has cancelled the admission, vasu asks didn’t he renew the admission,they say no he didn’t.
Vasu says kabir didn’t renew why didn’t he, this means kabir isn’t in London he is here in jaipur but where, yes may be in golden retreat hotel. Vasu checks online for the hotel and sees that its in jaipur and says kabir is lying to me but why and looks at his and nishas photo and says this is bcoz of this girl nisha and kabir nisha will ruin ur life she will give pain and nothing else, her family ruined my life and now its ur turn but I wont let this happen, I will through such trap that u will never meet that girl nisha.
Vasu calls someone. Nisha to laxmi what had to happen will happen, I will be fine in few days, laxmi says have food nisha,nisha says no I am not hungry, laxmi says nisha kabir will be,nisha says i just hate him don’t take his name, laxmi says nisha don’t lie to urself and me, nisha says I am perfect he doesn’t matter me let me drop u school,laxmi says I will go by myself, nisha sees ramesh and says papa tell her, ramesh looks at her and says u go,nisha leaves, laxmi looks at ramesh and goes.
Dolly and sourabh on terrace , checking the dupattas, dolly starts feeling sick, sourabh asks her is she fine, and asks her to rest and sees that dolly is getting uneasy, sourabh asks her to deep breath, dolly sees that sourabh is taking care of her, but dolly is still sick, sourabh sees the book which suggests to take her to hospital,sourabh says I will call vimla aunty, dolly says no one is home, sourabh sees dolly very sick and picks her up and takes her to hospital on his way sourabh tells jwala to inform vimla.leela sees sourabh taking dolly.
Vasu finds that kabir isn’t at the hotel and is worried abt how to find him and calls ramesh , ramesh picks her call and says now what else do u want, vasu says what I did u saw I tried stopping kabir but and I really worry for them, ramesh says I know all that and how much u miss them so dont trouble me, vasu says I called to tell nisha that kabir has a message for her and I will give that only to her so ask nisha to call me,where is she,ramesh says she is gone to laxmis school tell me the message, vasu cuts the phone.
Nisha and laxmi abt to leave, nisha sees her bike punctured, nisha is mending it, kabir slowly comes there and hides and sees her, nisha remembers the time when kabir mended their car , nisha feels kabirs present and says I think u are here kabir around me, nisha looks around but sees no one,nisha says plz kabir come to me plz, nisha wipes her tears, kabir looks at her and says I too want to meet u just somehow tell me that u love me too and I will tell u how much I love u.

Precap: ramesh tells nisha that kabir has sent divorce letter.
Vasu says see now how I separate nisha and kabir.

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