Warrior High 22nd June 2015 Written Episode

Niti as in girl’s dorm crying, thinking about Charlie, his words and denial. She gets to her bed and cries hard. She brings about a photo from under her pillow and tears it, crying. She lay on the bed, remembering all the times with Charlie, and Charlie telling Sid he didn’t write a love letter. She asks why she thought that Charlie loves her, she remember her parents doesn’t love her, how can someone else love her. She says she now has to live the way she has lived till today. She gets out of the bed and gets ready for school.
Kamini comes into the corridor, she notices one of her earring is missing and thinks she has left it in her class. She was worried what is happening in the school, she hasn’t seen such a batch in last 12 years. Niti comes across her but turns and leaves. Kamini comes to the peon and asks if he found a gold earring in the classroom, he says no. Kamini comes to the class and searches for it. Rishab and Kartik pass by, Kartik asks what she is looking for in the class. Kamini says she is finding her earrings. Kamini asks what to tell them, the students today are such illmannered. She says she held the ear of Angella when she was doing some mistake, she held her ear in return. Rishab says that according to new rules no teacher can physically abuse a student. Kamini says she even has beaten her students, sometimes it is good for brought up. She asks them to help her find her earring. Kartik finds it, Kamini says thank you Kartik. She asks her to make her wear it. Kartik puts it in her ear, Kamini stares at Kartik. When it is done, Rishab asks Kartik to go. Kamini cheers behind them. She says this year has been so great for her.
In the corridor, Kamini tells Anvesha that the new student Angella held her ear in return to her punishment. Anvesha says she will see to it. In the assembly hall, Anvesha says she hopes boys must have learnt something from yesterday’s punishment, but if something happens again punishment will be even tough. She tells them that each year this house has lagged any performance. Their senior Ayaz has already been rusticated, and the rest of them have focussed on parties and alcohol. She says the boxing championship and their midterm is coming together, they have to manage it together. She calls Angella forward, she introduces her to all the students and tells Angella to come to her in the cabin. Kamini thinks she will not spare Angella for a single day.
In the cabin, Angella comes to Anvesha. Anvesha says she has left a lot of course behind and has to work really hard. She says she must come to her if there is any problem and work really hard. She asks Angella what happened yesterday, there was a complaint against her on the first day. Angella says she can’t allow anyone touch her. Anvesha says she is her teacher. Angella says teachers must also take care of some rules and shouldn’t charge students physically. Anvesha says this is warrior high, here rules never change for anyone. She allows Angella to leave, then speaks to the photo of her son that this Tagore house is his house, and is always special for her. She hopes Angella adjusts this place soon.
In the washroom, Niti and Siali were there when Angella comes there. She asks Niti to stop crying now. If she won’t love herself, why would anyone else love her? She must do something to make them all shocked now. Siali says to Angella that they don’t need her advices.

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