Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 22nd June 2015 Written Episode

Ritika cries and says that she knew one day she will have to answer the question one day, she didn’t know that Ishaani who is her friend will ask about it one day. She says that today, Ishaani is here as Sharman’s sister and will listen to Sharman. She says she may ask her whatever she has to, but she won’t accept her defeat. She was pregnant with Sharman, he broke the relation with her; she went to jail due to Chirag’s murder and then her papa also expired, her world turned down in a day. RV helped her then, She wanted to live with Sharman but he refused to marry her. Ritika says that Ishaani didn’t give time to discuss this with her. Ishaani tells Ritika she was coming to RV when in the way she watched them both on TV together, she thought RV has moved on in life. She met Amba then who also told her not to come between you two, she moved away from their life. She says that she has loved Ranveer so much, she wouldn’t have done this drama to him. She would have never hated him so much that he would go away from her. Ritika says that she knows that she didn’t kill Chiraag and took the blame on her, she removed all the proofs from crime scene, but what she should do, she loves RV now. She asks Ishaani to understand her love too, stay away from RV as she went away from him, because now Ritika’s aashqui is with RV.
At home, RV looks for Ritika, a maid tells them she has gone out. Amba tells RV that she has gone to change some jewellery design. RV tells Amba that he was looking for a file which Riika kept. RV makes a call to jeweller and knows Ritika didn’t come here. Baba tells RV that RItika has gone behind Bank road to meet a friend.
Ishaani says to Ritika that she will leave, but before she wants to know the truth. She trusts RV as much as she does Sharman and knows Sharman won’t be unjust to any girl. Ishaani says to Ritika that they must go to meet Sharman. Ritika asks her not to involve Sharman else there will be a huge insult in society now. She says she will now get the DNA test done, which will show the reality but before that she must not talk to Sharman about it. Ishaani says to Ritika that RV is heart-broken and won’t be able to love anyone again. She wants to apologize RV and tell him all the truth. Ritika says alright, but she wants to tell RV the truth first and she needs some time for that. Shekhar comes there, they were both shocked. Shekhar says he is jealoused with their friendship, he has no time to talk to his wife to be and here they are both meeting so that they can’t get disturbed. He says to Ishaani he doesn’t want to stop her, but whenever Ishaani meets someone from RV’s family she gets into a problem. He says to Ritika he isn’t blaming her, but he doesn’t want to see Ishaani in any problem now. If she ever has any problem in life, she must contact him but not involve Ishaani in this. He asks Ishaani to go, everyone is waiting for her. Ishaani says to Ritika that if this child is Sharman’s he will have to take the responsibilities.
When they have gone, Ritika says if she will have to get the DNA test, no. Will she tell RV truth, a big no. She thinks what she should do now, there was no use of preponing the wedding.
RV comes to the venue and watches Ritika’s car. He goes to see her. Ritika comes to her car and wonders if Ishaani called him here. No, he must have come here by himself. She wonders what such thing is present in Ishaani that all the boys are always glued to her. She gets into the car and leaves.
In the car Ishaani was worried who to accept. Sharman asks why is she worried, it is on her face that she is confused. If she is confused taking the marriage. Ishaani says no, she isn’t. SHekhar says that they have such trust that they can share things, but why it seems she went to RItika to talk about RV. He come down, opens her side door of the car and asks her to come out. He says I am sorry Ishaani, I shouldn’t have asked you where she was, where she gets happy going to. He is happy, but he is observing that she is doing everything that makes her and his family happy. But her own smile is a fade one, she has sadness in eyes. He says he will not do anything which makes her ashamed of herself.
Shekhar tells Ishaani not to worry, he can handle everything. If she has second thoughts in her mind taking wedding, or she wants to rethink about her decision she must tell him. He says he will not dislike it, he will like that she will share her feeling with him. He has learnt from her that if your love is yours, it will come to you. He wants to marry her with this very thinking. His phone rings, he says it is call from home for mehndi. She must stay at night in a hotel as after mehndi a groom and bride can’t see each other, she must take the decision calmly. She must think that saying no will break his heart, he gives her an option. If she smiles opening the door in morning, he will know she is ready to marry but he she doesn’t open the door or anything, he will know her answer is no.

PRECAP: Ishaani resists the ubtan from RV, while he insists saying it is said this increases beauty.

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