Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj and Krishna arguing. Yuvraaj scolds Radhe and Krishna taunts Yuvraaj infront of everyone. Krishna says he is guest and can do anything, this was the condition. Radhe says he is getting good treatment and laughs. Soumya shows the kerchief. Suhani says its mine and does not let Sharad tell anything. She says she will clean the shoes. Soumya says fine, it does not matter you clean or Yuvraaj does. Suhani says she will clean and Yuvraaj stops her. He sits to clean Radhe’s shoes and Dadi stops him. She scolds Krishna and he argues with her. Krishna leaves annoyed. Soumya comes to him. Krishna asks why did she stop him today from arguing with Dadi.

Sharad, Suhani and Yuvraaj talk about Krishna’s step. Dadi says how dare Krishna make my Yuvraaj clean shoes, I will kick them out. Soumya tells Krishna if Suhani knows that we don’t have formula, she will send us to jail. Dadi fumes on Lalita and asks her not to enter home. Lalita says who is she to kick her, this is our house now. Dadi says dish and meat can’t come in our house. Suhani asks Lalita to cook all this at her home. Dadi tells them that this will not happen here. She asks Menka to throw this out. Soumya stops Krishna. Suhani notices him.

Dadi scolds Krishna for misbehaving with her grandson. He says he is doing this as Yuvraaj started it. Dadi asks them to agree to her. Soumya says sorry. Krishna says we did not come to dance on your fingers. Soumya asks Krishna to tell Dadi. Krishna says now you will dance on our fingers, you will do what we say. Suhani comes to talk to Dadi and says Dadi knows the reason for all this. Krishna says Dadi has told her that he can stay in Birla house as long as he wants. They show the papers to Dadi. He says if she says anything to his mum, he will tell everyone that she has called them here to kick out Suhani from Birla house. Dadi gets tensed. They leave and Suhani does not hear anything. She sees them and says did they go to meet Dadi. Krishna asks Soumya to call Dadi, she is head of family. He asks Pratima to join them. Soumya brings Dadi. She shows chicken to Dadi and shocks everyone. Krishna and his family smile.

Suhani says Soumya you know we don’t eat this. Radhe says but they have to eat now. Radhe asks Dadi to see the chicken and serves her. Suhani asks Radhe to be in his limit. Lalita asks why can’t they eat. Pratima says they should not force anyone to eat or do any work, everyone has right to live life their way. She taunts Lalita. Radhe asks Dadi to taste the chicken and Dadi moves back. Menka and Rag get vomit sensation. Dadi throws the chicken plate.

Radhe asks is she mad. Pratima slaps him and says he can’t talk to Dadi like this. Everyone look on. Pratima asks Soumya did she swear not to do anything right on her life. She gets angry and faints. Yuvraaj and Suhani hold her. Dadi asks them to call doctor. They make Pratima sit. Anuj says this is happening because of Suhani. Yuvraaj says this is not time for all this. Sharad asks Suhani to call doctor. Anuj stops her and says he will call doctor.

Yuvraaj asks Pratima did she take medicine. Menka says Suhani gives her medicine, maybe she forgot. Anuj says doctor is coming. Suhani gets the medicines. Yuvraaj angrily tells Krishna that he will not leave him if anything happens to Pratima. Sharad stops Yuvraaj. Suhani makes Pratima have medicines. Yuvraaj scolds Krishna. Lalita asks Radhe and Rakhi to take Krishna to room. Rakhi takes Krishna.

Krishna calls Dadi a beggar. Lalita says now Dadi will beg to us to get food from us.

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