Sadda Haq 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
sanyu is in her room,she looks at her photo with anju and smiles. Vidushi says you have never been so excited for your own birthday. Vidushi says i have no interest in birthdays unless its maa’s. Sanyu comes to randhir’s room and says you are not ready. He caresses her face, and says you look beautiful. She says thank you. why are you nervous? He says i feel like i am going for CBI investigation. She says everyone is gonna like you today. Yellow suits you. He puts his arm around her and says lets go.

Sanyu and randhir are on the way in the car. Randhir gets a call from ankit. randhir says we are on the way. ankit says come to hospital directly. randhir says okay and turns the car. Sanyu says where are you going? He says we have to go somewher. sanyu says we will be late, he says we wont be. They reach the hospital. sanyu says what is this? He says its important we have to go. sanyu says is someone admit here? She sees ankit and agarwal and is dazed. Sanyu runs to them and says what happened? Where is maa. Ankit tells her that anju’s surgery is on goin. sanyu is broken. randhir gives her water. Ankit says please eat something papa. sanyu sits with agarwal and says papa please drink water, maa will be okay.
The operation is done thruv comes out. sanyu says what happened? is maa okay? Thruv moves his head in negative. ankit and agarwal go in, ankit holds anju’s hand. agarwal says anju why you did this? you concealed this from me. You could have asked me, i could save. He hugs ankit. sanyu says to thruv we were treating her on time. You are lying thruv, maa can’t leave me. Thruv says i am sorry. sanyu says no this cant happen she can’t leave me. Sanyu goes in and sees agarwal hugging ankit and anju straight on the bed. Sanyu holds her hand and says happy birthday to you maa. get up. sanyu starts crying and says you cant go, can’t you hear. She breaks down randhir tries to hold her. He is shattered randhir takes her out.

Agarwal says to sanyu why are you crying now? When your mom was in pain where were you? sanyu says i did all i could do for her. agarwal says you did this for yourself. You are the same egoistic, selfish and self centered. sanyu says i know what i have done for maa. I prioritized her over everything. I don’t need to prove you how important she was for me. Randhir hugs her. Randhir makes her sit, he says please calm down. sanyu says everything has ended. why did she leave me alone? Randhir hugs her and tries to console her.

Precap-Lawyer says your wife’s 33% stake in business, she named if after your daughter. agarwal says what are you saying? sanyu overhears it.

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