Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vandu scolding Raman, Romi and Abhishek. Raman says car stopped and the two push the car. Raman starts driving. She says stop, those fools… He makes them sit and they leave. Vandu asks him to drive slow. He says baby will be delivered on the way. He asks them to tell her to stop it, his focus is not on road because of her. She asks him to see ahead. He drives slow and asks why is everyone coming that way. She says he took the wrong side. He says sorry. She scolds them. Raman says stop it and defends men. She says shut up, Bala is better than you, he is caring. Raman says that’s why we are taking you now. She cries. Raman says sorry.

They sing Aaye Malik tere bande hum……….. She screams and says drive. Raman asks Romi to call Bala. Bala is at his tuition class. Romi says Bala Sir, congrats, baby is coming. Vandu talks to Bala and says she needs him. Bala says don’t take tension, I will try to come soon to hospital, no need to get angry. Raman will make you reach hospital soon. She says Raman is fighting with me. Bala asks Raman to drive carefully, and asks Vandu to relax and do breathing. Bala says I m coming Vandu. He tells his student that he will leave. The boy says its heavy rains and his car can’t go out. Bala says he is going to have a baby, and has to go anyhow.

The guys ask Vandu to breath in and breath out. She screams and shows an old couple crossing. The lady beats Raman. Abhishek says he is police officer. Raman tries to explain. They take the old man and the lady along, as the man gets hurt. The lady asks Raman to drive carefully. Vandu gets irritated. The lady scolds ACP and Romi too, whose ears are bleeding by her scoldings. Raman asks Abhishek to call hospital and asks them to keep stretcher ready. Raman hits a boy on cycle and the boy gets hurt. They put him in the car too. The man falls down by the other door. Raman adjusts both of them, the young boy and the old man along with the lady, with Romi and Abhishek in the back seat. He starts driving and argues with Vandu. The scene gets super hilarious, and the young boy’s legs come out of the window.

Ishita says he is tensed, Raman called many times, don’t know did he manage kids, shall I call him. Simmi asks her to call. Mrs. Bhalla stops her and says when Raman and Mr. Bhalla took responsibility, whats the problem. Mihika says tickets booked, movies in 20mins =. Raman stops the car at the hospital. Raman gets the young boy out of the window. He sends the old man on stretcher and forget Vandu. Raman shows them Vandu and take her on wheelchair. An old man comes in way and Raman moves him, looking for the doctor. He leaves the wheelchair and she hits the ward boy. Raman holds the chair and she says she will kill him. Raman says its useless hospital, who will do her delivery now.

Sharmili Sharma, a funny looking doctor says she will do her delivery. She asks is he Vandu’s husband. Raman says she is my sister in law. Sharmili eyes him. Raman asks Vandu to stop Sharmili and claps to ask Sharmili what happened. She flirts with Raman and says he is lucky, as its her first independent delivery. Vandu asks Raman not to do this with her. Sharmili says kids come any way. Raman says they have to be brought, who will make Vandu deliver the baby. Sharmili says she will do the delivery. Raman says she wants another doctor. Sharmili says no hospital, doctor, nurse are free. Raman scolds the staff for keeping such doctors. Romi comes and asks is she doctor. Sharmili asks is he her husband. Romi says no. Sharmili smiles and pinches him. She takes Romi. Raman takes Vandu.

The ladies wait for Simmi’s massage to end. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to see Raman can’t wait. Ishita says its Bala’s call, shall I answer it. She takes the call. Bala tells her that Raman is trying her, why is she not taking. She says did he side with Raman. He says Raman was calling as Vandu got labor pain, Raman and Romi are with us, I m stuck in rain, I thought you will take care of her. Ishita says relax, I will come. He says please rush, some assistant doctor is doing delivery.

They ask Sharmili to do anything. The nurse asks the men to go out. Vandu gets angry. Raman asks Sharmili and nurse to do something. Sharmili says she will give her anesthesia. Raman says I will go out. Bala calls Romi and Abhishek attends the call, saying Romi went to take medicines, I have his phone. Bala asks him to record baby birth, he does not want to miss this. Abhishek says is this anything to record. Bala insists and Abhishek agrees.

Abhishek goes to take pic and asks Vandu to smile. Vandu beats him and gets angry. At Bhalla house, Mr. Bhalla, Appa, Bala’s mum talk to the kids. Shravan cries. Ishita talks to Appa and says she is on the way. Adi asks Shravan not to worry. Ishita is on the way.

Ishita comes and Vandu says her baby is coming, and asks her to make the men go out. Mrs. Bhalla asks what are they doing there. Ishita talks to doctor and takes guidance for the delivery.

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