Jamai Raja 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Roshni and Sid’s romantic moments. Mai tenu samjhawaki…song…plays in the background. They hug each other and Sid says she does not know how much he loves him and nobody can come in between them. He says tomorrow he will get her ring and get engaged. She says her parents have got to Shimla and what will they think after returning. He says he does not care what his or her parents think. He continues that even her parents would like them reunited. she hopes nobody comes in between them. He says nobody will and hugs her again.

Meesha waits for her boyfriend and he comes. She hugs him and says finally he is here, now nobody can stop her executing her plan.

Yash searches his niece and nephew at home and gets tensed. He asks Sam who says even she did not see them. He finds a note that they are leaving home as he loves maami/Sam and not them.

Sid informs Raj and family that he and Roshni have decided to reunite. Raj serves sweets to whole family including Meesha and says he will inform good news to DD. Meesha says DD has gone on honeymoon, so he should not disturb her. He sees Simran standing sadly and sends Sid. Sid says her that he cannot start a new life without her blessings and she is most important person of his life. Roshni comes, and Raj hugs and welcomes back in their family. Roshni goes to Simran and says she is her mother and even did her kanyadaan, they should forget past and start afresh. Simran apologizes her. Roshni says she should not apologize and wipes her tears. She says we mother and daughter can sort our all differences now. Simran smiles. Meesha silently walks out. Sid goes to her room. Ugly Kritika gets irked seeing them reuniting.

Yash with Sam starts searching children on road and shows pics to everyone. He gets call from airport authority that kids are here in airport and are very afraid. Yash thanks him and asks him to take care of them until he reaches there.

Meesha looks at her boyfriend’s pic and thinks her plan will be successful soon. Sid snatches pic and asks who is it. She starts running behind him and says it is her boyfriend Neil’s pic. Roshni also comes in. Meesha says seeing them reuniting even she thought of moving her relationship forward. Roshni congratulates her. Meesha says she wanted to introduce Neil tonight and take them for dinner. Roshni says then we all four will have dinner.

Roshni gets a courier. She sees Sid’s letter along in which he expresses his feelings and telling they will reunite tonight. She opens box and sees dress. Sid writes to come wearing it for dinner. She happily thanks god and prays to keep things same. Candle blows off.

Sid books special table and greets Meesha and Roshni. He hugs Meesha and tells Roshni she is looking beautiful. He then tells Meesha that she is looking bad. She says she is looking as beautiful as his wife. He makes them sit and asks where is Neil. Meesha asks him to beahve in front of Neil. Neil comes just then and his face is shown.

Precap: DD wakes up seeing a bad dream and tells Shiv about it. Goons surround Sid and friends and injure Neil with bear bottle.

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