Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, kabir gets a call from vasu and asks where are u, kabir says I am in jaipur, vasu says I know that I am ur mom after all,kabir says I cant live without nisha, vasu says whatever but before u take any step come meet me, vasu keeps phone and says now see how I end this relationship.sourabh and dolly reach home, laxmi asks dolly how is she now, dolly says fine, virendra asks what did doc say, dolly says all is good, sourabh says yes doc said both dolly and baby are fine, dolly says yes just the BP was high and it is normal in pregnancy, virendra says this is why I don’t want u to do business today sourabh was there what if theres no one and who is this sourabh by the way, dolly says papa plz I am doing this for my childs secure future , virendra says dolly why don’t u understand u need someone, sumit is ur childs father and the faster u accept it the better it will be, dolly says enough of it I will never let sumit come back in my life I want a divorece, leela says wawa look at this must be she found some new, I can see everything, dolly says enough mummyji don’t interrupt, virendra says dolly shutup, ramesh says bhaiya let her express, virendra says I cant see my daughter like this in pain and her house breaking ,nisha says does that mean u want her to be with man who troubles her on every step.
Nisha says uncle don’t give her this big punishment and whats wrong in being independent, virendra says I don’t need ur lecture give it to the society, nisha says we are society we shd bring the change, umesh says nisha is right and we are with dolly,virendra says what will I do then why don’t u understand she will need a man in every phase of life now, leela says that is what I am trying to say too, sourabh says I will stand by dolly, I will marry dolly. All are shocked, sourabh says I will accept dollys child, dolly slaps sourabh, roopan and leela smile, dolly says I need no favour, I will do all by myself, dolly leaves.virendra asks sourabh to leave before he insults him,sourabh in tears leave.
Nisha goes behind sourabh and stops him and asks what was he doing that, and why didn’t he think abt dolly di before saying all this, he could have approached her after divorce this is very sensitive topic and we need to be patient abt it, sourabh says I cant be patient don’t u see she needs me I love her but ur family wont move ahead, I understand her and so I shared my feeling with her instead of keeping it in heart and later regretting for it , I want to be with her I love her and nisha u fool why are u behaving like this why don’t u see the real problem instead of thinking why kabir left u u are here angry on him, that person who loves u a lot why didn’t u try find out the reason behind it, nisha says sourabh, sourabh says its high time u cousins get real and face the situation and now or later u will have to accept it, sourabh leaves.
Umesh says dolly don’t blame urself, suku says dolly di umesh bhaiya is right its all sourabhs fault, nisha says no its our fault, laxmi says nisha what are u saying, nisha says dolly di u shdnt have slapped sourabh, we cousins always react with out thinking and then kee crying later, dolly says nisha what is it what are u talking, nisha says I don’t know, nisha says ma it was my fault to I never tried understanding kabir, why did he leave what was the reason and now its no use of it, umesh says kabir will be back u will bring him back, suku says yes yes jwala keeps saying this that nothing is impossible for u, jwala says here is ur London ticket, nisha says why did u do this bhaiya, umesh says u want kabir u will go London get him, suku says see nisha we cousins are this way and u know that, ramesh looks at papers and then at cousins.
Cousins give nisha group hug, and says go London get ur love and dolly di stop crying now, umesh looks at ramesh uncle and says cousins lets go now and nisha u start ur packing, cousins leave, laxmi sees ramesh tensed and asks what happened, ramesh says I don’t think kabir loves nisha, he has sent divorce papers, nisha and laxmi are shocked.

PRECAP:nisha goes to viraj and says this is what u wanted right, kabir is giving me divorce and when we separate u can marry me but will u get that nisha back no u wont bcoz she will be dead.

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