Hello Pratibha 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

Pratibha fell on the bed hearing the phone, she tells Mahen her papa again had a heart attack, he is really serious. Mahen says Gupta ji told him about a cardiologist, they may talk to him. He calls Dr. Avasti, and asks him to visit them soon. Dr. Avasti says he is leaving for Kolkatta, he must admit him to hospital he will consult there. Mahen requests him, he agrees and asks him to call ambulance.
At home, Pratibha’s father was in a bad condition, Pratibha asks him to look at her and not to close his eyes.
Sanjeev was working at home when Bubu wakes up crying asking for Pratibha. Sanjeev holds him and says Pratibha will soon come here. Kaashi comes there and asks where has Pratibha gone. Sanjeev says Mahen and Pratibha have gone to the parents of Pratibha. Peehu and Anmol come there, Peehu holds Bubu and tries to console him. Sanjeev asks them to take care of him, he has some office work to do. Kaashi goes to call Pratibha. Pratibha takes the call, Kaashi asks her to come home soon and take care of Bubu. Pratibha asks Kaashi to tell Peehu to give milk bottle to Bubu, Kaashi doesn’t listen to her. Pratibha looks at her papa’s condition worsening as the doctor inspects on him and gives him medicine. He heads to leave, her papa asks if it was a heart attack. The doctor says he has gas trouble due to which there was pain in his chest. He tells him he will live longer life. Pratibha’s father asks him if he has inspected well, and curses he has no knowhow. The doctor dislikes and leaves with Mahen.
Sunidhi’s mama tells her to go to Bubu tomorrow but not to let anyone know her intentions. Sunidhi tells her not to worry at all. Her mama says if she wants to get to that house again, she must retain her place in Sanjeev’s life. She makes a call at Sanjeev’s number but he doesn’t attend. Sunidhi offers to call at landline. Peehu and Anmol had lay Bubu on the sofa when he wakes up again and cires. Kaashi wakes up too and the phone rings then, Sunidhi asks Kaashi about Bubu. She hears Bubu’s cry, Kaashi says Pratibha took the responsibility and left now. Sunidhi was worried and tells Kaashi to caress him. Kaashi asks if she is so concerned, why she doesn’t come back home else she will lose everything. Peehu and Anmol take Bubu to play, Kaashi tells Sunidhi to come back home soon. Sunidhi says she will be there soon. Her mom appreciates Sunidhi, Sunidhi says firmly, be ready Pratibha, now no one can stop Agarwal family from splitting up.
Pratibha tells her papa he had no heart attack. She tells her papa it was Dr. Avasti of Raachi, he came specially on Mahen’s request. She tells her papa that disease is only in his mind. Sushma also tells him he made Mahen so ashamed. Pratibha was angry at her papa, she tells him if he has ever thought what her maa suffers due to this. Mahen tells Pratibha to calm down, and takes a leave from papa. Pratibha says bye papa, and leaves with Mahen. She and her papa share looks, she kisses his forehead and says he must not make her mummy worried again, she won’t talk to him anymore. She tells him to take care of himself, and not to worry her maa. Sushma apologizes Mahen for the pain, she says he makes issues out of petty matters. Mahen says she is overthinking, he also has equal responsibility towards them as Pratibha has. He asks them not to rethink about calling them if any problem.
Kaashi was walking restlessly as it has been really late. Pratibha and Mahen come home, Kaashi poses pain in her arm saying she had left Bubu upon her responsibility. She asks Pratibha about her father, Mahen says it was something like heart attack. Pratibha says it wasn’t heart attack but acidity which caused chest pain. The door bell rings, Sunidhi stood outside as Mahen opens the door.

PRECAP: Kaashi says Sunidhi will live here in this house. Mahen says firmly Sunidhi won’t live here with us all.

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