Manmarziyan 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun recalling the slap and stopping Radhika. The man says he will bring balloons next time. Neil says Sam you are too much, your mood, Arjun, that’s all, you can’t misbehave with anyone if your heart broke, I can bear it, not everyone, I supported you a lot, is she has shame, she should go and apologize to him. The man comes to them. Neil says Sam wants to say something. Sam leaves. Radhika comes to Arjun again and says sorry, I did mistake. He takes clothes from the garments shop and goes to change in trial room. She sees the men staring at her.

She apologizes to Arjun and says I did not know you were doing so to save my life. Arjun asks her to leave. She says she won’t go till he forgives her. Arjun comes out and sees her clothes drenched. He sees the men staring at her. He pays the bill. Arjun gets angry seeing all the men staring at her and comes out of the store. Dastaan…… ek nayi……..plays……….. He looks at her and sees a dupatta. He takes the dupatta and walks to her.

He covers her with the dupatta and she looks at him. Nafraton me mili tu mujhe is tarah…………..plays……… He gets a dress for her and gives her. He asks her to change.

She goes to change and he waits for her. Neil apologizes to the old man and says Sam is not bad. The man says she will come, true love always comes back, even if its not on lips, eyes does not hide it. He says he can see it. He asks if there is so much love, why does he hide. Neil says its just love in his heart, he does not want to burden his friendship by his love. Sam brings the balloons and smiles. Sam apologizes to the man. Jaldi na karna yara ishq ki rahon pe tum………..plays………….. She gives the balloons to the man. Arjun sees Radhika in the new dress/ a blue gown. She thanks him and smiles.

They have an eyelock. Tejh comes and sees them. He says Sam called, she said she will meet Radhika in Mumbai. He goes to washroom. Arjun asks Radhika to go home, he does not need her, she can’t make him reach Sam and can’t stop him from reaching Sam, she is not standing in his way and he is not going to change his way, go home. She refuses and says the man who has seen her respect, why can’t he see Sam’s pain, she wants to know why he broke Sam’s heart, she knows he is not bad as he shows.

She ends enmity between them and says we are friends from today, and someday you have to tell me the truth, will you? The old man says even his wife was like her. Neil asks Sam will she not believe their love. Sam says their love does not need her belief. She cries and leaves. The man asks Neil to let her go, her tears will bring out her pain and relieve her. Neil looks at her. Aansoun me bighaati……………. Manmarziyan…………..plays………… Neil asks will she understand my love ever. The man says its our nature to love them, its their fate to understand it or not.

Radhika says fine, you will tell me truth some day, I should thank you for today, what you did for me is big thing for me. The man gives Arjun his clothes left in the trial room. Radhika takes the clothes. Khwaishon pe likhi……………plays………. The ring falls and he looks on. She picks the ring and says he forgot something. He recalls Nandini. She says he did not forget anything, he never forgets anything.

He holds her and asks her not to forget that he is bad, he is not her friend, he left her in jungle alone and wanted to know about Sam, so he came back, he is the one whom she has seen with Bonnie, he is the one who broke Sam’s heart. She stops him and asks what he did today. He says what, saved your life? If I did not save you, I would have been blamed to kill you, I would have left you to die, just get lost. He leaves.

Arjun asks Radhika not to follow her. She sees a truck racing towards him and runs to save him.

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