Sadda Haq 24th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
sanyu comes to agarwal’s room, he takes her hand and pushes her out of the room. Sanyu stands outside the door in tears. sanyu sits there, ankit comes sanyu wants to talk to him but he leaves as well. sanyu sees her picture with anju and caresses it. sanyu serves dinner but they both don’t eat it.

Next morning, sanyu is on her couch, all of the dream team members come to meet her. randhir sits by her side. She cries, randhir hugs her.
After few days randhir says when will you come? she says i don’t wanna come to college. randhir says your mom wanted to see you pursuing you career. sanyu says i think you are right/ He says do whatever you think is right for. you.

Next days sanyu comes back to college, Vidushi and randhir see her. Se goes to ranawat’s cabin, he says you dont need to come you can get an extension in your holidays, she says i will join from today. He says thats good, will you be able to control your emotions? he works on a machine, sanyu says it wont work the wheel is small. I will be able to control my emotions. Ranawat says you are way stronger than i thought you are. Next class is at 2pm. sanyu says i am glad you expect something from me. i promise you i can’t stop thinkin about my mom, she had so much expectations its her dream as well. I will fulfill it. she goes out.

Sanyu goes to the team, randhir comes. Ranawat says what are you here for? randhri says i have realized i am nothing without this team. Let me stay here as a helpeer. I will do anything, ranawat says clean this room. Sanyu says if someone an take care of logistics we can focus more on the car. Ranawat says if you need a chance, you will be the helper of this team randhir. If i feel like you are trying to be oversmart i will kick you out of FITE. Go clean that table, randir says okay sir. The team is working while randhir cleans the table. randhir says in heart that ranawat doesn’t know nothing can stop me.
he sits at night and says sometimes you have to choose the wrong path to reach your goal. He hacks in the system. He comes out, sanyu sees him and says randhir what were you doing here? He says nothing. sanyu says i was looking for you. He says thiis is extra store room i think. randhir says how you feel now? She syas i feel good, he swipes her tears and says your mom will be mad at me if she sees you in tears. sanyu says i dont like you being helper, he says i am in the team and around you, i don’t need anything else. sanyu slips, he holds her and says are you fine? sanyu says i think i should go to hostel, he says let me know when you want to go home, i will drop you. when will you go? She says tomorrow. Sanyu hugs him. she says randhir i dont wanna go home. he says please don’t cry. He says you don’t have to go.

lawyer says it would have been beeter if your whole family was here, where is your daughter? agarwal says our women dont involve in these things. lawyer says but according to law i can’t read out the will without her presence. According to her will all the flats will be on ankit’s name and the jewelry is on sanyu’s name. She has give her stake in business to sanyu. Agarwal and ankit are dazed.

Precap-ankit says this company is mine, sign those papers and forget you are gonna get something.

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