Jamai Raja 24th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Sid greeting Neil. Once they all sit, Sid asks where did Neil and Meesha meet. They both give different answers. Sid asks them to decide who is right. Neil asks Meesha to speak. Meesha says she saw neil in airport first time. Menu card comes and Sid asks what they would like to drink. Neil says mango juice for me and Meesha. Everyone look at him surprisingly. Neil asks what happened. Sid says Meesha is allergic to mangoes. Neil says he forgot. They then enjoy dinner and walk out of restaurant.

DD wakes up worried in dream and tells Shiv that she saw a bad dream about Roshni. Shiv says it is just her dream and nothing will happen to Roshni, only good will happen from hereon.

Sid and party walk out from restaurant. Goons surround them and start misbehaving with Roshni and Meesha. Sid and Neil start fighting with them. Goons break bottle on Neil’s head and he falls down unconscious with blood flowing from his head. Sid continues fighting, but goons even hit his head and he falls down. Goons then try to carry Roshni and Meesha. Sid wakes up again and starts fighting with them, but goons shoot him and he falls down. Goons then kidnap Meesha and escape from there.

Raj reaches with police, ambulance and family. Docs nurse Sid and takes Neil to hospital. Sid asks where is Neil. roshni says he is fine and being taken to hospital. He asks about Meesha. Inspector says they are searching meesha. Sid panics and feels guilty for not protecting Meesha. He runs from there to search her. Simran starts her overacting. Raj asks her to let Sid go.

Sid in car tells Roshni that he made a mistake by leaving Meesha’s hand. Roshni says it is not his mistake. Inspector calls him and informs he saw goons jeep in some area. Sid rushes to the spot and sees Meesha on floor unconscious and injured. He rushes her to hospital and continues repeating that it is his fault, he would not have confronted goons. Simran says it is not his mistake. He hears Meesha shouting to leave her and panicking and feels guilty again. Raj asks her to stop blaming himself. Doc comes out and tells Meesha is in a deep shock as goons physically assaulted her. Sid is shocked to hear that. Roshni tries to calm him, but he continues repeating that he did a big mistake.

Sid continues repeating same lines. Simran asks Roshni to console and take him from here. Roshni says Sid will not leave his bestfriend now and asks everyone to leave while she stays with Sid here. She says Sid that he should be with his bestfriend in her tough times. Roshni continues consoling Sid. Meesha comes running, hugs sid and asks if he will not leave her. she pushes roshni and asks not to come in between them.

Precap: Doc tells Sid that Meesha has got a memory block and she is feeling secure only with the ones she knows a few years ago..

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