Warrior High 24th June 2015 Written Episode

All the students were standing in a line. Kamini mam speaks that you al must be thinking why you all are called here, Kamini takes Angela’s name and tell her today you will be punished for your misbehaviours with your teachers. Kamini asks Kartiqe jee to take them to the ground and make them do the duck walk, he tells a student to tell them how to duck walk. Kamini tells them that know you have to walk like this taking ten rounds of the ground
Veebha’s grandmother tells her that this time 29th is going to be on weekend, Veebha asks that what is on 29th, her grandmother tells her that I knew you will forget it it’s your birthday. Veebha’s grandmother requests her to come home this weekend. Veebha says goodbye to her and thinking that it is good that she is calling me home, she says that she wants to go home from this all.
Sid was sitting with his friend discussing about tomorrow’s test. Krissan comes to him saying him that what is wrong with him why does he not spend time with her. Utkarsh and Parth standing together were talking about Sid and Krissan’s relationship. Angela coming from the back says that don’t you see that this relationship wants to end, Krissan likes Sid but Sid want’s to end this. Parth says that why so much problems come in people’s relationship this issues must not create. Parth was speaking while Utkarsh stops him and asks that what has happened to him why is he talking so much today is he okay. The worker comes to tell parth that you have a call, Parth leaves to take the call. As Parth leaves Angela tells Utkarsh that Parth is a handsome man he has a good face and a perfect body and he is smart. Utkarsh asks him that what does she thinks about him. Angela says that he looks like Alia Bhutt. She leaves for the girls doom, Utkarsh follows her while asking why does she thinks him Alia Bhutt, she enter girl’s doom saying she will tell tomorrow.
Parth picks the phone saying Maa but in return he hear grandmother’s voice. She was asking Parth to come to Veebha’a birthday as you are the only one here who knows her as all her friends are in Mumbai so they are all unable to come here. Parth says that wouldn’t she be angry to see me there, Grandmothers says that her anger is just for too minutes. Parth assures him that he will come. Angela takes a book out and writes about first day in warrior high, its students, rich Sidhart, Krissan, Saili and Alia Bhutt and draws a smilling face at the end.
Utkarsh with all the students was very worried about the test, he asks Siali what will he do, Siali stops her from talking and tells her not to waste hist time talking, Utkarsh says to Siali that he is going for drinking water as he was leaving Sid throws a paper and ask Utkarsh to throw it in the dus t bin, Angela coming in picks it up, Parrth comes in the class. Kamini comes in the class and asks Siali to take everyone’s books, Kamini tells the class that you all have one hour to complete the test, they were all very worried and look’s at eachother’s face. Kamini mam while taking a round saw a paper beneath Sid’s table and picks it up and asks him to stand.

PRECAP: Parth comes to Kamini to have take the permission to go home this weekend. Utkarsh was follows Angela and inorder to stop her he puts his hand on Angea’s shoulder for which she gets furious and slaps him twice.

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