Qubool Hai 24th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Finally, shaad and sanam descend down the stairs, and ahil instantly cringes at the western attire that sanam is wearing, much to the amusement of latif, gazalla and the new bride. Ahil is furious as to what she is wearing. He goes to the bar, and then orders for a special drink, and the bartender goes to get it. She comes and gives a long lecture as to why she ios wearing this dress only for shaad. ahil tries to show sanam the pic. She turns around frustratedly and the pic falls on the ground, upside down. Sanam eyes it tensedly. At the bar counter, Sanam stops ahil from drinking, habituated by memories of the past, and ahil is overwhelmed. She asks him not to profess the love like that and asks him not to show off. he says that even today, his wife doesnt like his drinking. Sanam meanwhile takes an isolated place to correct her zipper. The new bride turns around and then says that the zip is completely okay and maybe she isnt habituated to wear such clothes. She then gives sanam a drink, that she deftly got laced with some medication. Sanam complies silently. the new bride asks her to go to the washroom, after she has taken her drink. She complies.

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