Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th June 2015 Written Episode

Nandani asks amms what the matter is and then she asks Nandani where is the fruit of darshat and Nandani requests Ammes to give her five minutes and she will give her the fruits as she has not completed them meanwhile the religious person asks as to where the fruits are and both Ammes and Nandani look at each other as he says to start the religious activity in fifteen minutes as they are running short on time . Ammes says that why hasn’t Harshad come back with milk from Rishways house .then Nandani thinks as to what to do as Harshad will not be bringing the milk meanwhile Harshad asks the man to give him three liters of milk and he says that he will gve him the milk. Then Cabir places a bowl of dirt and quickly backs off and as soon as Harshad backs up he fells and the milkman starts shouting and tells him to clean up this mess and that he will take the milk from the same shop but Harshad says that why is the milkman man trying to bully him and that he will take the milk from another shop but the man says that he must take the milk from the same shop and tells Harshad to milk a cow then Harshad stands confused and then cow dung fells on him and he catches nayonki and then Cabir comes and tells Harshad to let her go .then Vishal gives Manik a poster to hang on and then Aaliya comes and Manik tells Vishal to go and check if Nandani has cut the flowers and then Aaliya tells that she has never seen Manik feel so much happy. Then Aaliya receives a call and that Harshad is angry and Manik also gets confused. Cabir is constantly telling Harshad to let go of her hands but as he comes Harshad tells Cabir that there s a lot of cow dung around him and if he slips then she will also fall and then Manik comes and uses a stick to stop Harshad and then there is a severe dialogue between Harshad and Cabir. Manik and their friends. Then Mani k tells him that guru ma is an intelligent women and don’t underestimate her as she knows the difference between good and bad . Then guru maa comes and tells Harshad that he himself told her the truth and as his punishment he will have to clean everything at the milkman shop and she told Cabir and Manik to dress up. Then Manik and Nandani are standing on a hall and talking romantically to each other then suddenly the rest of the group comes and Cabir lets them kow that they are not alone and then they start talking and to each other about the past events and then Manik tells that Dhruv is coming back and when he comes he starts saying sorry to everyone and tells that he was wrong to leave them then Manik confrms him to let go of the past events and then they decide to do a group hug and then when they are hugging Manik secretly holds the hand of Nandhani and they both start smiling.

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