Sadda Haq 25th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
lawyer says your daughter has to be in all the business meetings and decisions. Her opinion matters as much as yours. Agarwal says what the hell are you saying? read it again. Lawyer says I have read it very well. This is what your wife has written in her will. You can read it yourself, here is your copy. He leaves. Agarwal goes through the will in anger and says to sanyu this is what you wanted? You have got what you wanted. This is why you didn’t tell us about her ailment. So you could get this 33% stake. Sanyu says how can you even say that. Agarwal says for you, your mom’s property was even more important than her life, that is why you killed her. sanyu is bewildered. Agarwal he must be shedding tears after seeing all this. I don’t even wanna see your face, get lost.

Sanyu walks in college corridor all distressed, randhir sees her and stops her. She doesn’t stop. Randhir comes to her, she is about to fall randhir holds her. He says what happened? He makes her sit. He says sit here i am coming, he brings her water. He makes her drink, randhir says are you okay? What happened tell me? sanyu starts crying. He hugs her and says tell me what happened. sanyu tells him everything. sanyu tells him all that agarwal said. randhir says don’t worry next time you go home tell your dad you don’t need anything. Your mom didn’t ask you before writing that will. she was worried for yout hat is why she did this. Leave all this, let them take all the property let it go. Sanyu says one will, just one will made him abhor me. Maa wrote it, its not my fault. Am i responsible for this? he became my enemy suddenly? He thought i have gotten some special power that i would use against him. And I.. I don’t wanna talk about it. sanyu stands up, randhri says sanyu your dad doesn’t hate you, he is disturbed like you. Sanyu says i hope its like that. until everything is okay i will live in the house. He should have respected maa’s last wish.

Sanyu comes to her room, vidushi comes in. She makes her wear a headband with horns to cheer her up. she says look how good it looks on you. Vidushi says when i was shopping i saw it and thought about you. Oh i forgot its a lecture, lets go.

All the team is in the lab. yoyo says i think ranawat has forgot to come. ranawat comes in and says lets get on the task. He looks at randhir and says oh, i forgot that helper is here as well. what will you do? randhri says as you say sir. ranawat says clean all the machine parts and tools. i hope you don’t mind. Randhir says i don’t mind sir. Ranawat goes out after explaining the task. Radhir starts cleaning, sanyu says why are you doing all this? I don’t like you being insulted. you dont need to prove anything. Randhir says its better than sitting in hostel room and you will do blasts i shall be here to save you. Go do your task, i don’t feel insulted. Randhir smiles and says in the heart i need to prove sanyu.
Randhir comes to canteen some guys mock at him, randhr starts fighting with them. Ranawat says randhir say sorry to them. randhri does and leaves. Vidushi sees a present on the table and sees a chit that asks her to come to library, last row. When she goes to library, namit takes her to a side.she says you sent those chocolates? He says didn’t you like them? she says no they are my favorite. he says you are my favorite. He takes out a locket and makes her wear that, Vidushi stops him and leaves. Parth sees her going. she runs, parth says vidushi your earring has fallen, she says its okay and goes. Parth takes it and says what is wrong with her? Namit comes. Vidushi says why am is so conscious? parth comes in and says i know what you were doing there in library. I know what you can do. Namit is lusting you with money. Vid says you are blind, i dont need namit. I would have accepted his necklace. but now i think i should have. Because he will care about me at least. He is not an mcp like you. He says go to hell. I dont care about you.

Ranawat comes with new design and says i have made some alterations in your design. No one should have this design, this should not even get out of this room. The people who are not in this room should not have this design. Have a look at it.
parth is working, he says to sanyu ranawat has made awesome modifications in the design, randhir comes in, parth conceals the design. He says you are working so hard sanyu, i knw your design will be awesome. parth says to sanyu, sorry randhir came in. randhir overhears them talking and says i will get this blue print.

Sanyu hugs randhir and says i miss you i don’t like team without you. He says you can enjoy as captain. Sanyu says it looks incomplete without you. He says i am always aroud and that is enough for me. She says why you look sad? He says actually i am not in team, i thought i would work hard when the car task comes. sanyu says look at this, this is blue print ranawat made. See them and tell me what you think about them? randhir takes it. he stands up, sanyu says why are you not looking at them? He says you don’t have to break the rules because of me, i wont see them. DO your tasks, sanyu hugs him.

Late at night, randhir sits in the room and works on the computer, he sees a blue print.
ranawat calls all the team in lab, he is really mad. He shows them the blue print. ranawat says whole world can see it? How did it come here? your car is famous even when its made. They will make a better and faster car now. who did this?

Precap-ranawat says one last time, i am askign who did this? you have to confess. Dean says its a really big thing to have 33% stake in such a big company, you can fund us sanyu.

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