Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasundara being shocked seeing Thapki fill colors in Dhruv’s plaster and does not notice her stammering. Thapki reaches home. Nimmi takes Thapki to meet Diwakar. Poonam sees them and stops Thapki. She says Krishnakant is calling her and takes her. Thapki comes home and dines with everyone, saying about Dhruv’s mum and dad, they are great people. She shows the silver idol of Lord and says Vasundara gave this to thank m and shows them. They all like it. Thapki asks about Nimmi’s to be son in law, they all would have met him. Poonam says we will think about that later, think what should we gift Vasundara. Thapki asks what can we give her. Poonam says I will just come.

Shubh comes and says he is ready, he will come with her to meet Dhruv. She says she works there, she can’t take him to his home just like that. Shubh gets sad. Krishnakant asks Thapki not to worry. Poonam brings besan laddoos for Vasundara. Suman and Rachna sit passing time. Thapki comes to them. They ask why did she come here at this time. Thapki says no, my mum has sent laddoo for Vasundara. They hold annoyance as they lost necklace and still like the laddoo.

Thapki greets Vasundara. Vasundara smiles knowing Poonam has sent laddoos. She says she will keep this as bhog to Lord. Thapki says she will go now. Vasundara asks her to go later and meet Dhruv, maybe he has any office work. Thapki nods and goes to Dhruv. Thapki helps Dhruv and gives him a scale to order his plaster. He asks how come is she here. He says she has come to give laddoos and his mum asked her to wait till aarti. She asks is there any work, she is going office now. He gives her files. Shubh calls her and she says she will call later. She tells Dhruv that Shubh called her. She says she will get water for home and leaves. Bau ji asks Radhe to make thandai. Thapki comes to take water. She asks for water. Bau ji asks Radhe to give pot water. He says he has pity on Thapki, how does she beat such rude guy.

Mishra and his wife eat some fruits at the stall and Krishnakant sees them and Diwakar. Mishra’s wife stops them and passes some taunts. Diwakar says my life would have ruined if I married Thapki. Aditi scolds them. Krishnakant stops her. Mishra’s wife says you can try to tell Nimmi, lets see whom she trusts more, you or us. They leave. Poonam looks on.

Vasundara asks Thapki to call everyone for puja. Suman says Bau ji and Dhruv does not come together. Vasundara thinks it’s a test for Thapki, lets see if she unites them and brings them here in puja together. Dhruv takes Sakshi’s call on Thapki’s phone. Sakshi scolds her a lot and he says he is Dhruv. She asks how is he and how did he has her phone. She says Thapki is here at home. She asks when will he join office. He says very soon, I m sending files by her. Sakshi says fine, I will manage. She ends call and says Thapki is very clever, I have to do something.

Thapki gives water to Dhruv and says aunty called everyone for puja. He says Bau ji will be there, and we don’t do puja together, you go, I won’t come. Poonam sees Mishras trying to ease out money from Nimmi and wants to tell her about Diwakar’s truth. Nimmi says she is busy and will talk later.

Aditi and Shubh scare Diwakar by playing cricket near the new car. The ball hits Diwakar’s head and Shubh calls him shirt. Aditi sees the car keys and exchanges the key. She signs Shubh. Diwakar scolds Shubh and leaves. Aditi and Shubh sit in the car and they take it away. They park the car somewhere far and want to show Nimmi their greed. Vasundara asks Thapki is everyone coming for the puja. Thapki recalls Dhruv’s words.

Thapki swaps things to bring Dhruv and Bau ji for the puja, and asks them to attend puja.

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