Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vandu getting shocked seeing Raman Bhalla as baby name. Ishita and Raman are shocked too. Raman asks the nurse is she mad. The nurse says he told her, when she asked him. He recalls and holds head. He says he thought she is asking his name, does she not have common sense. Vandu says how will my baby name look like this, Raman Bhalla Balachandran. Bala asks nurse what did she see, how can Iyer daughter be named Raman Bhalla. The nurse says she will ask baby name, why will she ask his name. Bala asks her to change the BC. The nurse says she can’t make, and asks them to make affidavit and change it in court.

Raman says calm down, we will ask Pathak, he will change. Ishita laughs and asks Vandu to relax. They take pics with the baby. Vandu is brought home and they get a good surprise, by Mrs. Bhalla welcoming them in Iyer house in Tamilian way. She says why can’t I welcome them, Amma has given me all instructions. They play Tamil music. She does tilak and aarti. She does all the rituals and welcomes Vandu and baby. She ties black thread to baby’s hand.

She says something in Tamil and laughs. Vandu thanks her. Everyone smile seeing Mrs. Bhalla trying Tamil. Mihika and Simmi bring the cradle. Shravan comes and shows a teddy for the baby. He talks to the baby. Raman jokes and they all laugh. Mrs.Bhalla says she is missing Amma/Mrs. Iyer. Adi talks to Vinni at the coffee cafe and sees the rates. He says I m sorry, I can’t afford 250rs on coffee, I have to value money. She says don’t worry, I will pay for mine and its good you said truth. Other guys join them and they ask them to join them. Vinni insists and Adi agrees.

The baby cries a lot. Ishita asks Vandu to take rest and she will take care of baby. Bala comes and takes baby. The baby stops crying and then starts again. Mihika says Amma used to sing lullaby. Everyone try to calm the baby and take her turn by turn. They try everything to stop her cry. Shravan says he will dance for her and dances. Everyone dance for the baby. Vandu says I know why is she crying, as she knows her name is Raman Bhalla, so she is upset, what did he do. Raman comes home and asks where is everyone. Romi says they all went to see the baby, she is crying. He says he is hungry and looks for food. Raman goes to see everyone.

The nurse calls Romi and says she has just seen the girl he was finding. He says what, I m coming. Vinni and Adi are on the way and says they did not tell us its adult movie. He says it has full action. She asks him to come to her home, they will download and watch it. He gets thinking. Vinni’s mum calls her and asks her to manage, she is going out. Vinni tells Adi that her mum is going out, and asks him to come. He agrees. She thanks him and asks driver to take them home. He says he will message dad that he is coming late. The baby does not cry as Raman takes her. Ishita asks him how did he do this. He says its called talent, she slept by fan air. They say babies should not be kept under fan air. Raman says she wanted some cool air, and anyways just Raman can manage Raman. They laugh. He leaves. Ishita says he has talent.

Romi comes to city hospital and asks the nurse. She says she has gone. Romi says how did she go. Abhishek comes and looks on. Romi asks did she take her address. The nurse says she went, how could I take address, I have seen it was Sarika, I called you and you are scolding me. Abhishek heard everything and comes to Romi. Romi asks how is he here. Abhishek asks how is he here, is he finding anything. Romi says no. Abhishek says you looked serious at reception, I came here to find someone. He gets Sarika’s pic and Romi sees it. He lies to Abhishek and says he is finding his friend. He makes excuses and leaves. Abhishek says why is Romi lying to me, why is he finding Sarika, do they have any connection. Adi downloads the movie. Vinni says we will watch it on hall big tv. He says nice idea and they sit watching the movie. It’s an A certificate movie. Vinni’s dad comes and sees the A movie caution on the tv. He asks what are they watching and scolds Vinni and Adi. Vinni says she has called Adi. He asks does Raman Bhalla know this, I think I have to call him now. Adi says sorry, don’t call dad.

Ishita sees Raman sleeping and taking care of the baby. She keeps his laptop away and smiles seeing him and the baby. She takes their pic. She says Ruhi will be happy seeing pics and gets Ruhi’s call. She talks to her and says Papa loves you, he is missing you a lot. She goes out and talks to her. Neelu gives Raman’s phone and says its ringing since much time. Ishita takes the call and Vinni’s call complains about Adi, and he will take action and send his son to police. Ishita gets shocked.

Adi and Vinni try to explain her dad. He raises hand on Adi. Ishita stops him holding his hand and asks how dare you, no one can slap my son, learn to talk to kids, then come to talk to me and my son, Adi will not give explanation to anyone except his mum and dad.

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