Jodha Akbar 25th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Jodha is shouting and laughing, she says to Yogi Uday that you wont be able to do anything, i will not leave you, Uday recites mantras, Jodha falls on ground and becomes unconscious.
Its morning, Jalal is waiting for Jodha, Salima comes to him, he ask what happened? Salima says you didnt sleep whole night, should i bring some food for you? Jalal says you didnt even sleep, Salima says nobody slept whole night, Hamida, Ruks, Salima all were awake, Jalal says everyone loves her, Salima says Jodha will return and will be absolutely fine as she has very pure heart, God wont let anything happen to her, Dasi informs that Jodha has comeback, Jalal and Salima goes to check. Jodha comes in palace, she has dark circles around her eyes and looks tired, Ruks and Hamida comes out too, Ruks says what if Evil souls is with her? all comes to Jodha, they look at her suspiciously, Jodha emotionally look at Jalal, she says Shehenshah and hugs him, all are relived, she hugs Salima and says i am sorry, she hugs Ruks, Hamida, Jodha says sorry to Hamida and says i was helpless, Laboni made do all that, she says Salima, Ruks and jalal that if i have hurt you then forgive me, Jalal thank God you are fine, all prays for her, Jodha faints, all are shocked, Hamida says maybe she is weak thats why fainted, take her to room.

Scene 2
jalal brings Jodha to room, doctor checks her and says she is fine, she is weak but will be fine, Jodha wakes up, all smile, Jalal ask how are you? Jodha says i am fine and happy to see all my family her, doctor says to let her rest, all leaves, Jalal says to ladies that Uday has done his work, i will be in debt to him for whole, i will call him here and will praise him.
Hamida is in her room, she says to dasies that make jodha’s favorite dishes, Salima says all is fine now, i am happy to see you smile, Hamida says i am happy as Jodha is my daughter, she ask where is Jodha? Salima says she is in her room, Hamida says i will go do dargah tomorrow and will thank God, Salima leaves, Hamida thank God.
Jalal comes to Yogi Uday’s den and finds him injured, he ask who did this? he ask soldiers to call doctor, Uday says its too late, i have less breaths, i wanted to meet you, he says to Jalal that Jodha is in problem, where is she? Jalal says but you made her fine, Uday says no, Laboni is still behind her, she has done this with me, flashback shows Uday coming to unconscious Jodha, he tries to wake up Jodha, Jodha opens her eyes, she grabs Uday from neck, she beats him and strangles him, uday faints, Laboni says i took my revenge, you killed me and now you will be dead, nobody can make me lose, i am evi spirit, fb ends, Uday says to Jalal that Jodha is in danger.

Scene 3
Jodha is sleeping in her room, Laboni comes there, Jodha wakes up with start, Laboni says i have removed prick from my way, i have killed Uday, he used to think that he is clever, he called me yesterday to make me away from you but he got killed, nobody can win over me, she laughs, Jodha cries. Uday says to Jalal that i am sorry, i couldnt do my work, Laboni possess Jodha’s body at night only, at daytime she is near Jodha, she injured me, i couldnt help you, Jalal ask how can i help Jodha? Uday says only God can help you or the cone who know about Magic, Laboni is not ready to leave Jodha’s body, save her, protect her, Uday dies, Jalal is stunned, he says only uday could help us and now he is no more, what will i do now?
Laboni says to Jodha that i made you kill Gul rung, i made you eat meat, i made you puff hukka, i made you dance like dancer, this is just start, i will not le you live or die.
Jalal tells everything to family, Ruks says what we can do now? Jalal says i thought Uday will save her but he is no more, we have to pretend like we dont know about Laboni so that she will not hurt any of us, i wont let her hurt Jodha, he ask Salim to find magicians who can save Jodha till then we will pretend normal.
Jalal thinks that i have to do something, Aram comes there and ask what happened to Jodha? Jalal sys she is ill, aram says i want to play with her, Jalal says not now, when she will be fine then you will play, Aram leaves, Jalal recalls flashback when he, Jodha and Aram used to play, Jalal ask riddle to Aram, she goes to ask Salima, Jodha says you thought good idea to make her go from here, Jalal says i was playing with her, i know you dont know answer of this riddle, Jodha tell him answer, Jalal praises her, jodha says now i will ask riddle, she ask him that guess who is the one who is everywhere but we cant see him anywhere, Jalal doesnt know answer, Jodha says its my Kahna and your God, fb ends, Jalal gets some idea and goes.
Salim says to Fazal that i am worried for Jodha, Fazal says all are worried, he says you remember in mewar, you were attacked, it was done by Shahab, Salim says what? Fazal says we have arrested him but didnt tell Jalal, Salim says you did right, find out who is involved with him.
Jodha is crying, Laboni says i have listened that you are strong but you are crying like kids, Jodha says every bad has end, God will punish you, Laboni says what God? nobody can give me defeat, Jalal comes there, he ask Jodha how are you? Jodha hugs him and says you are with me so i am fine, my health is not fine but you have come so everything will be fine, Jalal whispers in her ears that i am trying to bring you out of this problem.

PRECAP- a magician tells Jalal that there is only one way to free jodah from that evil spirit, Jalal ask what? magician says Jodha has to die, Jalal is stunned.

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