Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, kabir is seeing nisha hiding behind a car and nisha is in her gallery crying remembering kabir and in her mid she says tat I love u kabir while kabir there in his mind says tat he loves her and he did all this for her hainess both try calling each other so the call does not gets connected and while kabir thinks of stoing her she goes in.



Viraj goes to nishas house and rings the bell and vasundhara thinks tat its jo jo and she oens door to viraj and he introduces tat he is viraj singh rathore and vasundhara sees him and remembers the viraj in his small days and viraj says tat u don’t know me and vasundhara says tat I don’t know u I know u very well and viraj says tat I don’t know but I have understood u comletly


Nisha is crying and suku tries to tel nisha tat we can sort things and jwala says may be tat kabir jiju is here and he has not gone to London and so he has sent the divorce papers and nisha says tat now there is no way amrit** says even I think so it is like this and suku says tat u guys meet once and clear ur misunderstandings and nisha says no guys somethings cannot be cleared easily and suku then says god knows wat has happened to our lives here nisha is inthis condition and dolly di there and nisha then says guys I can handle myself but we have to look after dolly di because she is emotional and I know even she love saurabh but yet she has not realisednit so now we have to make her realize tat even she loves him and she says tat she has a plan for it


Viraj there says to vasundhara don’t call me son how can a mother behave like this with her own son u sent divorce papers witout letting know kabir and nisha and he says tat u don’t know but my mom left me when I was small but after seeing u I feel like it was good tat she left me and remember one thing tat until I am alive no one can separate nisha nd viraj and he leaves vasundhara cries a lot while she tries to stop


Jwala goes to dolly and says tat how is banglore and she asks y and jwala tells tat saurabh is permanently shifting to saurabh and dolly gets disturbed and asks y is he leaveing and jwala says I don’t know I heard nisha di talking to saurabh on phone and then dolly runs to nisha and asks y is saruabh going to banglore and nisha says after wat happen here with him and its good for him and dolly says no its not good he is very nice and caring and then she asks nisha to stop him as he only listens to u and nisha says y should I actually its better if he goes and theres nothing for him in jaipur now but dolly insisits to stops and nisha asks y and dolly says tat because she loves him
Kabir comes home and sees tat his mom has fainted and he troes to wake her up by sprinkling water on her and wen she gets a bit conscious she says virajs name and kabir thinks tat his mother is in this state because of viraj and he says tat if my mom is not well I will not leave u viraj




At home dollys father listens this and shouts at nisha and requests her to focus on her own life and not teach dolly such foolish things and nishas father says to dolly father tat nisha is already going through bad time ,


there comes dadaji and he says tat I am still alive and here to take decision and he then asks dolly tat does she likes saurabh and dolly reminds of all the care tat he took and she says yes and dollys father and mother gets shocked and dadaji asks her if she wants to marry saurabh and dolly says tat I need to think on it but I would like to tell tat I don’t want to hear the name of summit ever and soon I want divorce from sumit so tat I can take decision for my future life and dadaji says tat even he wants her life to go in a right direction and dollys father and mother leave listening to this and dolly hugs nisha and seeing this lakshmi says to nishas father tat see our daughter even being in so much problem she solved dollys problem and then nishas father says tat yes and now we r going to solve her problem I wont let nisha get a divorce I will go and meet vasundhara and request her to bring kabir back and laxmi also says tat even I will come with you and convince her.




Vasundhara tells nisha that viraj and kabir are real brothers and later kabir and viraj are seen fighting at virajs house nisha comes and kabir is trying to kill viraj with knife and nisha stops her and tells him tat stop as viraj is his real brother and both get shocked.

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