Manmarziyan 25th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun taking Radhika in his arms and walking past the procession. He runs taking her and comes near a temple. Manmarziyan…………..plays………… He brings Radhika to the hospital and looks for doctor. He says nothing will happen to you Radhika and asks staff where is the doctor. He takes her to doctor and asks her to treat her quickly. He says nothing will happen. The nurse says she is taking patient to OT, and asks him to do formalities. He says later, first make her fine and goes with her. Khwaishon pe likhi…………..plays………

They take her inside and doctor asks him to stay out. He says she needs me. The doctor says she needs treatment. He says save her, she is a very nice girl. The doctor asks him to trust Lord. Arjun says I don’t believe Lord. He asks Arjun to learn trusting Lord, sometimes prayers affect more than medicines. He recalls the doctor’s words and sees a Lord’s idol. He recalls his bitter words. He cries recalling her words.

He goes to the temple and recalls her. He recalls how she saved his life and got hit by the truck. It starts raining. Radhika gets treated in the OT. Arjun comes inside the temple and talks to Lord. He says he has lost faith in Lord earlier, but today he wants his faith back, and prays for Radhika’s recovery. He asks her not to snatch Radhika’s smile, there are many bad people like him, if he takes good people like her back, who will bring bad people on right path, I promised her that nothing will happen to her, don’t let my promise break, I m ready to do anything, save her, she is really nice. He cries and prays for her.

Sam wipes away her lipstick being angry. Neil asks her to call Arjun once. She says she will not call. Tejh calls her and she gets shocked. She gets teary eyed and asks what. Neil asks what happened Sam. She drops the phone. Arjun comes back to the hospital. The doctor says bleeding was much, we tried out best, but if she does not get conscious then…. Arjun gets stunned. Dastaan……….plays……….. he goes and sees Radhika in the ward.

Kaisa wo junoon………..plays………. He recalls her words and cries seeing her. He talks to her and says he has made her quiet, and says her lines. He asks her to talk to him. He asks her to speak up and sits by her side. He says he is panauti, wherever he goes, he eats happiness. A lady is shown walking towards the ward. Arjun says you asked me why don’t I like sweets, why I take darkness everywhere I go, you wanted to know why I m breaking Sam’s heart, why I can’t see Sam’s pain, ask me now.

He says ask me once. He says the truth that he has come to ruin Sam, her pain has his medicine. The lady comes to the ICU.

Sam comes to met Radhika. She asks how did this happen. Radhika says because of Arjun. Sam gets shocked and cries..

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