Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sooraj taking on phone and asking him to come home if Sandhya called him. Sandhya comes and Sooraj asks her. She says she has called the architect. He asks whats the hurry. She thinks she is in hurry, as she will not be here after 10 days. She says she is in hurry to see him as hotel owner, as he promised her a diamond necklace. He says yes, you became ordinary wife since yesterday night. She thinks she will live all the moments in this 10 days. She asks Sooraj to fill her maang. He asks the reason. She says I want you to fill my maang daily. He says sure, but whats the matter, is everything fine. She gets stunned. She asks Sooraj to fill her maang. He asks the reason. She says I want you to fill my maang daily. He says sure, but whats the matter, is everything fine. She gets stunned.

He asks whats in her mind, whats her plan this time. He says fine, if it’s a surprise. He fills her maang. Diya aur baati…….plays……….. She smiles and looks at Sooraj. She sees the calendar and marks sindoor on it. The architect comes and talks to them. Sandhya asks how long will he take to make model for Vedansh. He says it will take 20-25 days. She says no, make it in 10days. He says he can’t make so soon, he will make it in 20 days. She says she wants it ready in 10 days. Bhabho asks whats the hurry. Sooraj takes Sandhya and asks her what is she doing, why is sh adamant to finish the model in 10days.

Bharat calls her and asks her to come with Zakir in civil dress, he has to talk. She says fine and tells Sooraj that she has to go. Zakir takes Sandhya and drops her to a house. She thinks its Das’s house and why did they call me here. She hears some woman singing a Bengali song. She goes to look and Bharat comes to her. She greets him. He shows the recording and stops it. He asks her to sing now. She gets puzzled and says its Bengali, I don’t know Bengali and can’t sing well. He says I know.

He says you have to learn Bengali language and song for this mission. Sooraj tries calling Sandhya. Ved comes and asks did mum leave angrily. Sooraj says no, how do you know. Ved says you don’t feel good without mum, tell me. Sooraj says yes right, I don’t know what to do. Ved asks him to see tv and how hero makes up to heroine, reach mum by some idea. Sooraj agrees. Bharat says this dvds and books will help you, a teacher is arranged for teaching Bengali. She asks whats this mission, how is this related. He asks does she want to know before time. She says sorry.

He says she has to become Sagarika Das who is born in Kolkata and brought up in Rajasthan, and who stays with her dad Shantanu Das here and who has Bengali culture. She says yes Sir. He says enough for today, you will get more info when time comes. She asks what will Sagarika Das has to do. The family sees some attack and people losing lives and govt bear big loss. Bhabho switches off the tv and says why does police not do anything. Babasa says why don’t you tell this to Sandhya to work against such bad groups.

Vikram asks what is he saying, its not ordinary goons, they are very dangerous. Babasa says Sandhya is not less, she has caught many big criminals. Bhabho says Sandhya is not alone, anyone else can do this work, Sandhya has to see her family now. Bharat tells Sandhya hat hr life aim is one now, to ruin the group and the head of that group, Himanshu Dubey, who invests money in the group. He gives his pic and says if we catch him, then half war won. He says the group has done big deal with neighbor countries and it means they are planning against our country, we need to stop him.

Sandhya asks why can’t we arrest him. He says we have blames against him, but not any proof, he is very clever and dangerous, this time she has to trap him, if we control him, the group will lose. He says your first target is Himanshu, who is coming Kishangad after 10days. She says so I have 10days. He says yes, time is less and work is more. He says he has alerted her about the risk, and hopes she will not be confused. She says country and its residents have first right on a police officer, I m ready. He says good, all the best. She says thanks.

Ved asks Sooraj to marry again. Meenakshi asks Sooraj will he get new bride or old one. Sandhya cries and asks him to promise, even if she makes him wait, he will not give her place to anyone. He asks what is she saying..

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