Manmarziyan 26th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun telling Radhika that his medicine lies in Sam’s pain. She reacts hearing him and moves her hand. He gets glad and cups her face, asking her to open her eyes. He turns and sees a lady coming in the ward. Radhika opens her eyes. Arjun gets shocked and says Nandini Di. He goes to her and asks you. Radhika partly sees them. Arjun goes with Nandini. Arjun asks how did Nandini come here. He asks her again. FB shows Arjun seeing Samrat and Nandini’s past and Nandini’s state getting worse. She says I m living by trust in you, I know you will make things fine. Arjun sees Sam and she asks about Radhika. He sees Nandini went and shows Sam the room.

Sam goes to meet Radhika. Arjun sees Nandini standing far. Sam cries seeing Radhika and goes to her. She controls her emotions and comes with a smiling face. Radhika sees her. Sam talks to Neil and tries acting norm. She says Neil does not wish to talk to you, as he was dying in tension. She says now he knows that you are fine, he will sit at a corner crying, guys are not tough like this, right. Radhika says they are different than they are seen.

Sam says its just small wound and gave you so much attention. Radhika says I told I can do my operation myself and they did not listen to me. Sam smiles crying and says if they heard you, they would have stitched your mouth instead wounds. She asks her to lie. She asks how did this happen. Radhika says because of Arjun. Sam gets stunned. Radhika says I would have not got saved if Arjun was not there, he is a very good man, maybe I did mistake in knowing him. She says maybe he is not understanding himself.

Nandini does aarti and Arjun smiles seeing her. FB shows Nandini praying to Lord and saying she needs courage to not take Arjun along. She hugs Arjun and apologizes to him. She says Samrat has left him, and she can’t take him with her. She says don’t worry, trust Lord, everything will be fine. He says the Lord which made me and Nandu away, I will never trust him. She says humans break trust, not Lord, the man who broke my trust, never forgive him Arjun. Kaka looks on. She sees Samrat’s pic. She asks him to promise her that he will show pain in Samrat’s eyes like he made her live in pain. She asks Arjun to promise he will never forget her pain, sorry I have to go and hugs him. Arjun sees Samrat’s pic and gets angry. FB ends.

Arjun sees Nandini. Nandini says that girl’s wounds will heal, the pain lies in the unseen wounds. She smiles seeing him. She does his tilak and says you forgot, leave it, take this. She asks him is he still annoyed with Lord. He recalls praying to Lord for Radhika. She says he has held everyone’s pain on his shoulders, either leave world or else break anyone’s heart. She says I know you have locked my tears in your heart till now, my screams still echoes in your ears. Arjun recalls Radhika’s painful screams. Nandini asks him to leave the path if he does not wish to walk, he has to do what his heart wants, nothing else. He holds her hand.

Radhika talks to Mala and Sam feeds her soup. Radhika says I m fine, Sam is here, we will leave for Mumbai soon. Sam talks to Mala and says she will be with Radhika always. Arjun looks at Radhika from the door glass and smiles. He sees Sam and recalls Nandini’s words. Arjun comes inside and Radhika smiles seeing him. Sam turns and sees him. He asks Radhika to choose any other car if she wants to come under the car, she spoiled the car seat. She says she will keep towel on the seat next time and promises him. He smiles and says I think wound has affected your mind too. Sam says Arjun…. He recalls Nandini’s words and tells Sam that he needs to talk to her.

Arjun says everything changed in few days, he was wrong earlier and want to change his way now. Nandini is shocked. Arjun looks at Radhika.

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