Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2015 Written Episode

Kokila locks Meera in her room and tells until she stops misbehaving with Gopi and Ahem, she will not let her out. Jigar requests her to free Meera, but Kokila says she will not. Gopi pleads, but Gopi takes her from there. Gopi asks what if she will harm herself. Kokila says she loves herself, so she will not harm herself. Hetal says she did not have food. Kokila says she will not die if she does not need one time. She tells Gopi that she should stop being overprotective. Gopi pleads Ahem to explain Kokila, but he stands silently. Kokila says everyone to let her do what she is doing as she has taken responsibilty of mending Meera.

Urmila sees Kinjal passing by and plays loud music. Kinjal asks why is she playing loud music. Urmila says she is doing yoga and it is very good for health. Kinjal asks who told her. Urmila says neighbor lady lost 10 kg in 2 months with yoga. She says it is not her cup of tea, so she will not understand. Kinjal say she can also do yoga. Urmila shows her a pose and asks her to do it for 1 min. Kinjal does it perfectly for 1 min. Urmila says she knows yoga. Kinjal happily says she won.

Meera thinks she will not stay in this house whatever it happens. She throws things around and starts crying saying everyone have changed and she lost her papa and Vidya because of Gopi.

Urmila’s new tenant comes to meet her. She sees Kinjal’s torn sari and asks Urmila if she is her servant and offers her job. Kinjal shouts that she is Modi family’s daughter and bahu of this house. Lady apologizes her and asks Urmila to send her a servant. Once she leaves, Urmila taunts Kinjal and Kinjal fumes.

Vidya comes to meet Meera. Meera starts yelling that she pushed her for Gopi and says they were happy alone without Gopi and reminisces their childhood moments. Vidya asks her not to call mom by her name. Meera shouts that she will and asks her to go back to her mom. Ahem and Gopi get sad hearing that and Gopi sadly says she could not get her children’s love nor she could give them her love. Ahem says he is responsible for all this. She says he fulfilled his responsibilities well. He says he gave Meera many chances and no father would like to slap his daughter. He is in deep pain seeing Meera’s arrogant behavior.

Kinjal yells at Urmila that she spoilt all her saris. Urmila says she did right, brings her saris and asks her to take some of them. Kinjal asks if she thinks she will wear these saris. Urmila says she does not give her precious saris to anyone, but she is offering her. Kinjal says she will not wear these outdates saris and requests her to buy new saris for her. Urmila says she will not.

Meera picks phone, gets an idea and thinks Kokila cannot hold her now. Gopi requests Kokila to call Meera for breakfast.

Precap: Kokila with family enters Meera’s room and is shocked to see Meera inscribing I hate Gopi on all the walls. Meera says frustration creates good artists.

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