Shastri Sisters 29th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anu asking Minty why is she worried. Minty says she is worried for Neil. Anu says its not Neil in video. Minty says I know, but the man looks like Neil, Guggal will not leave Neil, I want to torture Kajal really, but I m helpless. Kajal comes and asks is she backbiting her. Minty says no. Kajal says I was doing the same, so what, its fine. She asks what did she cook. Minty says matar paneer, daal and rice. She serves her the food. Kajal thanks her and eats the food. She coughs and makes faces. She throws the food plate and asks whats this. She asks did she forgot cooking, such bad food. Sareen comes and looks on.

Kajal asks her to make Neil have food, he will get such food in jail. She asks Minty to cook food again. Anu stops Minty and says enough Kajal, what do you think of yourself, we will not let you sit on our head, we are not afraid, apologize to Minty or else. Minty asks Anu to stop it, she is ready to cook again. She says she will cook again and asks what does Kajal want to eat now. Neil looks on and feels bad. He throws a bag and asks her to take money and jewelry. Kajal smiles.

She asks Leela to count cash and they all are not good like us. She asks Minty to do her work, she made property papers and wants her sign,l so that she can throw them out. Minty and everyone get shocked. Minty goes with Anu. Anu says what happened to her, why is she helpless, I have to tell this to Rajat, I m sorry Rajat, I did not wish to give you tension, but I have to tell you. She calls Rajat and number is not reachable. She worries and goes to meet Guggal in the police station. She says she is not doing right. Guggal says they have tortured Kajal. Anu says she is supporting a criminal and trusting her blindly, Kajal is doing drama to blackmail them, she has fooled Minty. Guggal says she is fooling me now right. Anu says yes. Guggal asks her to get proof. Anu leaves.

Kajal and Leela are happy seeing the cash and jewelry. She says she has to make the family fight, Minty and Anu get against. Anu talks to Minty and says they want us to fight, but we can’t let them win. Minty asks what. Sareen says do as Anu says, I want peace. Minty asks her to say. Anu says we have to be together, she has a plan, if they win, they can get free of Kajal. Minty asks whats the plan. Anu says the plan. (mute)

They all smile. Neil says its superb idea. Sareen says give Kajal anything, she is beggar. Minty asks why to give them our things. Neil says how an we let her win. Anu says yes, she has hurt us a lot, we will not let her go like this. Sareen says I don’t find this good, don’t do this, I m going. He leaves. Minty asks Anu not to get upset, I m with you. Anu says we have to find about the CD, who was that man who looked as Neil, where did Ajay’s body go. Minty says yes, we want proof to show Guggal.

Anu rushes to Kajal’s room and tries finding the CD. Anu and Neil don’t get anything. Anu says they are clever and will not hide CD here, we have to think like them. She says she will find in kitchen and asks him to find CD where there is less possibility. They don’t get CD and thinks how to get it, Lord help us. She gets an idea and says Lord, temple, we should see in temple. She checks the temple and gets the CD. She smiles and thanks Lord.

Anu and Neil sit seeing the CD again and they see someone killing Aajy. She says she has seen such logo of any company. He says he will find it. She thinks to find about the logo. Minty does all the work and Kajal is happy. She gets the property papers and says Minty’s time in this house will end. She shows the papers and asks her to sign it and throw on her face. Anu stops Minty and asks her to find how Kajal troubled her. Minty asks her not to talk in between. Kajal says its all past, now think about what will happen if you don’t sign and threatens her. Anu says Kajal knows if anything happens to Neil, she won’t get anything, don’t sign. Minty signs on the papers. Kajal smiles.

Anu talks on phone and says Sareens have saved some property, the farmhouse is of 10 crores. Leela tells this to Kajal. Kajalk says she wants that house too, she wants everything what Sareen have rights on. Anu looks on and smiles.

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